Indoor karting race with karts ready to start

Indoor karting race with karts ready to start ()

For those in Kaiserslautern (K-Town) or coming to visit the Kaiserslautern Military Community, we’ve got plenty of places to stay inside and not only keep you warm but also keep you surrounded by fun this month.

Eat: Every year we ask our Stripes audience what their favorite things in the local area are for our “Best of” publication. We’ve got some great suggestions for the K-Town area. For those looking for a delicious fried chicken sandwich, check out Benji’s Birdhouse, the 2023 winner of Best American Restaurant. For those following the vegan lifestyle, check out Cafe Susann, which specializes in regional, sustainable, vegan and gluten-free foods and drinks. For those looking for the best German fare, make your way to Big Emma Brew House and Coffee Roastery. Here, you can grab homemade coffee and beer, along with German favorites such as Kaesespaetzle and Schnitzel. For the breakfast lovers out there, Sanders Cafe and Bakery has been delighting taste buds since 1896. Bring euros to enjoy breakfast combos, omelets, sandwiches, coffee specialties and more.

Stay: If you are looking for a great place to stay while in the area, we recommend the Bremerhof. They have a variety of hotel room sizes to accommodate singles, couples and families. Located in the heart of the Palatinate Forest, the Bremerhof has existed for over 200 years. However, the name and location of Bremerhof first appeared in documents in the 1200s C.E. when it was given to a monastery by Frederick I. Their beer garden has been a part of Kaiserslautern culture since the 1950s and 60s. Since 1939, their farm has been open to visitors. For those willing to brave the cold, you can watch the horses graze at the farm and the kids can play on their forest playground. Their onsite restaurant features different beers, hot drinks to keep you warm this time of year, delicious German food, a kids’ menu and a tasty dessert menu. Love: Kaiserslautern is filled with plenty of fun indoor activities to help you escape the cold outside and get out of the house. Team Escape in Kaiserslautern has six escape rooms with the themes of crime, tension, horror, adventure and surprise. The rooms are created for teams of two to seven people. They offer English and German escape room challenges and offer deals for students, families and school or youth groups. They are open seven days a week, but it is recommended you book in advance since these rooms are quite popular. GO! Indoor eKart features indoor racing fun for the entire family. Children as young as eight can join in on the fun of electronic go-kart racing. Tickets start at 14 euros for ten-minute rides, and they also offer birthday packages. There are  early bird, Sunday and student specials and they are open seven days a week. GATE99 has three locations across Kaiserslautern to take on the competition in laser tag, gleam golf (blacklight miniature golfing) and escape rooms. There really is something for everyone at GATE99. There are opportunities for children’s birthday parties and bachelor or bachelorette parties. Opening hours and prices vary by location, but each activity offers some kind of discount rate for “early birds,” groups and more.

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