Woman with dog in car

Woman with dog in car ()

Traveling with your pets can be a great experience for you and your furry friends. However, if you don’t plan accordingly, your trip can go from relaxing to stressful. Use these handy tips the next time you travel with your pets.

Before the trip:

  • You will need an international pet passport if you’re traveling outside your host nation. Ask your local veterinarian to ensure your pet has all the vaccinations and documents needed to travel abroad.

  • Confirm that there is no quarantine requirement in your destination country, or that traveling there will result in a quarantine before returning home.

  • Remember to pack everything your pet will need while traveling. Don’t forget the necessities like proof of vaccinations and other documents, identification tags, pet medications, food, water, bowls and a leash. Be sure to include items that will keep your pet comfortable on the trip such as a blanket, toys and extra treats. It is always a good idea to pack paper towels and carpet cleaner in case of accidents. 

Once you’ve hit the road:

  • Buckle up! Your pet will need a harness or restraint to be safe (and legal) while on the road. Make sure your pet is secured properly before heading out.

  • Make frequent stops for bathroom and walk breaks. Just like us, pets need to get out every so often on long trips to stretch and take a break from being in the car.

  • No road trip is complete without snacks! People and pets can only go so long without snacking on a road trip. While you’re enjoying your favorite bag of chips and soda, your pet can chow down on the treats you brought for them.

Upon arrival:

  • You’ve finally made it! It is important to take your pet on long walks and always have fresh water available for them.

  • Try and take your pet to as many pet-friendly places as possible in the city your in to limit the amount of time spent alone in the hotel room.

  • Most importantly, enjoy the time you have with your pet on your trip!

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