Exterior display at the Stars and Stripes museum

Exterior display at the Stars and Stripes museum (Stars and Stripes Museum Facebook page)

The Stars and Stripes National Museum and Library, located in Bloomfield, Missouri, documents, collects, preserves and exhibits materials related to the history, work, contents, scope and role of the Stars and Stripes military newspaper from its origins to the present. The museum and library seeks to enhance the understanding and appreciation of the Stars and Stripes’ important role in history by preserving, interpreting and making its archives available to those who are interested in using its resources for research purposes.

This video, “History of the National Stars and Stripes Museum/Library” was first published in 2020 and is about the first Stars and Stripes newspaper published during the Civil War and how the museum got the paper. It features Jim Mayo, founding member of the museum, and Brian Brooks, former editor of the European edition of the Stars and Stripes.

You can also watch the video on YouTube.

Find out more about the Stars and Stripes Museum at their website or follow their Facebook page.

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