Paper Cat

Paper Cat (Kat Nickola)

1.    Cut four big strips about a finger wide, along the length of a piece of construction paper, and cut four small strips across the width of a piece of construction paper.

“Try wavey lines and different colors, or add eyes, whiskers and paws!”

Paper cat step 1

Paper cat step 1 (Kat Nickola)

2.    Glue, or staple, each set of strips together into two star shapes, one big and one small.

Paper cat step 2

Paper cat step 2 ()

3.    Glue, or staple, the tips of each star together to form two balls. The big one is your cat’s body, and the small one is its head.

Paper Cat Step 3

Paper Cat Step 3 (Kat Nickola)

4.    Cut out ears and a tail and glue, or staple, them onto your cat. Weigh it down with a rock inside the body.

Paper cat step 4

Paper cat step 4 (Kat Nickola)

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Kat is a travel and lifestyle writer based in Kaiserslautern, Germany with a special interest in anything outdoorsy or ancient. She has a bachelor’s degree in geography from Penn State University and has been a travel writer for about 10 years. Currently, she is in the depths of dissertation research for an archaeology degree at the University of the Highlands and Islands. 

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