Christmas cookies

Christmas cookies ()

Nothing ushers in the holiday season like baking Christmas cookies. For some families, this is a tradition handed down throughout the generations. For some, it’s simply a love of baking and sharing desserts. For others, it’s a new way to make memories with loved ones.

Whether you’re an expert baker, or a novice that’s just peeled the sticker off a brand new cookie sheet – we’ve got several Christmas cookie recipes you and your family will love.

1. Germany and Austria: Raspberry-Almond Linzer Cookie - This one is going to take you a bit, but they’re worth it! The cookie is similar to a shortbread but with a raspberry almond filling in the center.

2. Italy: Bocconotti - More like a pastry than a cookie, they’re filled with chocolate, jam and nuts. If you need something fast, these are perfect. They only take approximately one hour.

3. Belgium: Speculaas Spice Cookies - A spiced cookie with a holiday inspired imprinted picture.

4. Switzerland: Zimtsterne - Literally translated, it means cinnamon star. There’s no flour, so you can actually cut out a few carbs this season!

5. Czech Republic: Black-and-White Cookie (or Linecke Testo Dvoubarevne) - Erase the thought of the black and white cookie you would buy from the bakery in New York City. These vanilla and chocolate cookies are crafted into very playful spiral and checkerboard patterns. You can even get creative and make your own designs.

6. Croatia: Licitars - These delicious gingerbread-like cookies look more like candied hearts. You probably wouldn’t know they were cookies at first glance. They’re almost so pretty that you don’t want to eat them . . . Almost! They will require some time and effort, especially when it comes to the decorating. However, they will be much appreciated.

While you’re baking, turn up some holiday tunes to bring the spirit of the holidays to life even more in your home. You can use this list of European Christmas songs or any number of other playlists to enhance your Christmas spirit. I hope these recipes and the music adds a wonderful new experience to your Christmas in Europe.

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