Woman teaching foreign language remotely

Woman teaching foreign language remotely ()

Whether you find yourself constantly moving with the military or you are just wanting to work for yourself, set your hours and be your own boss, entrepreneurship may be a path for you. More women are turning to entrepreneurship for employment so they can have more control over their work/life balance. In 2019, 42 percent of small businesses in America were owned and operated by women, up from 4.6 percent in 1972 and 29 percent in 2010, according to

Of course, starting your own business comes with various complications, such as start-up and production costs, scheduling, marketing designs and flooded markets. You can combat some of the cons, such as scheduling dedicated time to your fledgling business by getting away from distractions and working from a local café or coffee shop. You can get some productivity out of this time just for you and your ideas while supporting a local business when you purchase a tasty treat to go with those marked checkboxes. Bonus points if it’s a woman-owned business.

Every month, we’re presenting five business ideas for women based on different themes such as education, hospitality and care, content creation and editing. This month, we are covering education related businesses.

Teaching is a common choice for those related to military life. Many spouses like that several states have licensing reciprocity for teaching. In 2022, the Troops to Teachers program relaunched to help service members and veterans transition to teaching in classrooms. However, if teaching a classroom full of students in the traditional sense isn’t for you (or you want to supplement your teaching income) there are other business opportunities out there.


Tutoring is something that can be done in person or remotely. You can choose to open your own tutoring business or work for a company such as, Sylvan Learning Centers, Huntington Learning Center, Brainfuse or more. There are pros and cons to each. If you work for yourself, you can control your hourly rate; however, you will also have to build your own clientele. states that tutors average between $17 and $24 an hour, with having the lowest tutor rate at $11.39 an hour and the highest rate at $40.53 an hour.

YouTube Fitness or Instructional Videos

Everyone goes to YouTube to learn how to do something new. I have YouTube’ed many a yoga session and Pilates routine. I have also YouTube’ed how to properly load the salt mixture into my German dishwasher. If you have knowledge to share with others and the ability to build a large subscriber following, this may be the path for you. has released an article about monetizing your YouTube channel, “How to Make Money as a Fitness Instructor on YouTube.”

Curriculum and Instruction Design/Development

If you are a former/current teacher who has tons of lesson plans and activities just sitting around collecting dust, you may be able to put them to use. Teachers and companies are always looking for new and innovative things to bring into their lessons and curriculums. is a great place to upload plans and assignments as a freelance option. Educational technology is also a great pivot for current and transitioning teachers.

College Preparation and Essay Editing

It seems like every year, it gets more and more competitive to get into college and there is a need to give applicants that extra boost. Whether your skills are in ACT/SAT prep, essay editing or application reviewing and consulting your skills are in demand. ZipRecruiter states that SAT tutors make, on average, $34.69 an hour. states admission consultants typically make between $26 and $44 an hour.

Music/Art/Theatre/Voice Instruction

Do you play an instrument, have artistic skills or a background in acting/performance? You are needed! Military kids move a lot, and their artistic endeavor of choice may not be readily available at a new duty station and you could help fill that gap. states that the typical hourly range for piano teachers is $16-$25 an hour. ZipRecruiter states that the average hourly rate for vocal coaches is $27.28. Youth centers, arts and crafts centers, and community centers and theaters at your installation often host recreational classes and are always looking for contracted instructors.

For spouses living overseas, the Institute for Veterans and Military Families produced a helpful SOFA “Portability Roadmap” to help you navigate working overseas in various countries. Always check with your local, state, and national legal regulations before starting and running a business.

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