Castle of Sleeping Beauty at Disneyland Paris

Castle of Sleeping Beauty at Disneyland Paris (“Saturnino Perez  Garrido” (satur73 -

I’ve lived in Europe for 13 years, my entire life, and Disney Paris is the most amazing place I have visited. From the rides to the shops, to the restaurants, everything is magical. Disney is divided into two parks. The two parks are as big as one park in Disney World, Florida.

In Paris, the parks are Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park. Disney Paris is less crowded than the other Disney locations, which adds to the experience.

In my opinion, the most interesting part of this park is the Ratatouille Restaurant, because the whole restaurant is decorated as if you were the size of a rat. For example, the restaurant has chairs that look like bottle caps and a coat hanger that looks like a fork. The ride that belongs to the restaurant is also a thrilling 3D experience, and you can see the ride passengers from your table in the restaurant.

Tips for Disney Paris, you should try to:

•           Get a 2-day military pass, double the fun for less money.

•           Get a 2-park pass.

•           Download the Disney Paris App before you leave.

•           Reserve a table at a restaurant in advance.

•           Go to see the dragon underneath the Sleeping Beauty’s Castle.

•           It’s better to go earlier than later to the parades.

When you arrive, the line to the main park (Disneyland Park) may be longer, so you should first go to Walt Disney Studios Park because the entrance lines are typically shorter.

The ride inspired by finding Nemo called the Crush’s Coaster will probably be a bad pick for younger children.

A great option for parents with children 12 and above is to let them go to the “single rider line” if you don’t want to go on the ride as the wait time is way shorter.

The best transportation to Disney Paris is by train because it’s a comfortable and easy way to get there. Deutsche Bahn sells tickets online and they have group rates that save your family money.

Hope you decide to visit Mickey and have a blast!

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