Photo Of MOUNT VERNON, Va. (March 3, 2024) - Voice of Democracy VFW Department of Europe winner Meredith Maxwell stands in front of President George Washington’s Mount Vernon home in Fairfax County, Virginia. Maxwell, from Ansbach, Germany, was awarded all all-expenses paid trip to Washington D.C. to tour our nation’s capital and other significant historical landmarks.

Ansbach Student-Athlete Excels in National Contest on Democracy

Ansbach Middle High School junior, Meredith Maxwell, was recently presented with a Veterans of Foreign Wars National Merit scholarship.

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 A young person’s opinion on the “Sephora Kids” trend

In this op-ed, military youth Elaine Desir explains the problems with the “Sephora Kids” TikTok trend.

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Spot these common European birds

Here are six of the most common birds in Europe. Can you spot them all?

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Famous time capsules

Here are six interesting time capsules. One was even buried, and then uncovered, by military brats!

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My Spring Break in the Canary Islands 

Read this military kid’s guide to the best places to visit when going to Tenerife, in the Canary Islands.

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Make your own time capsule

A time capsule is a sealed container that is supposed to be opened in the future. You can make your own!

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Marine children can apply for the WFF Scholarship by May 1st

Children of active duty and retired Marines can apply for the Williamson Family Foundation Scholarship by May 1st.

Photo Of Little confident child in mask and cape plays cool superhero

Who is your earth hero?

From our Dandelions maganize: Heroes are not just in our imaginations. There are real heroes here on Earth.

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Dandelion Press military student writing contest

The new Dandelion Press organization is run by military students, and they are holding a writing contest for military kids around the world to celebrate their launch.

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Zain Zafar, Local Teen, Wins: “Top in Country” Mathematics Award

A Local teen, Zain Zafar, receives the International Cambridge Education’s “Top in Country” Award for Mathematics