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Inspiring Audiences with The Sound of Music

Do not miss the opportunity to catch KMC Onstage’s inspiring performance of The Sound of Music.

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Celebrate the Season While Traveling

If you’re one of the hundreds of millions planning to take to the roads, rails, seas or skies, you may be wondering how on earth to enjoy and celebrate the holidays. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

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10 Hanukkah specials to watch with family and friends

For those who celebrate Hannukah or just want to learn more about the holiday, there are media specials out there.

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Nostalgia meets comedy at “A Christmas Story”

“A Christmas Story” is playing at Wiesbaden’s Amelia Earhart Playhouse now through January.

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10 Books for the 2023 holiday season 

Grab your hot cocoa or Glühwein and curl up with one of this month’s selections for the holiday season.

Photo Of (From left to right sitting on cream-colored couch) Dad sitting, facing to the right, looking at mom and child sitting on mom’s lap. Dad is wearing khaki pants, a white undershirt and a light blue button-up shirt that is un-buttoned. Mom is sitting next to dad, wearing a miliary uniform with hair in a bun, looking at the child. The child is sitting on mom’s lap looking at her parents.

Nominations are open for AFI Military Spouse of the Year

The program recognizes military spouses and their accomplishments at the base, branch and “overall” levels.

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St. Nicholas and the Boots

St. Nicholas Day is December 6th. Many European people put boots out the night prior in hopes of getting a special gift.

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Pet Photo of the Month

It is time for our Pet Photo of the Month for December! Meet adorable Teddy who visited Le Mans and Paris.

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10 European stocking stuffers

Here are ten of the best European gifts to use as stocking stuffers. Small, special and locally-sourced presents for each sock.

Photo Of Girl sitting with a warm grey blanket with her legs crossed. She looks excited at the unopened wrapped presents in front of her. There is a decorated Christmas tree behind her on the right.

2023 Staff favorite holiday specials and gifts

This year, we sent our staff down memory lane and asked them for their favorite holiday movies or specials, and the best present they ever received for the holidays.

Photo Of Man standing in the middle of an empty alleyway under a string of pride flags, holding a large Pride flag behind him with both hands. He is wearing a white tank top which reads, “I AM PROUD,” with the word “proud” featuring a rainbow background. He is also wearing white pants with rainbow suspenders next to the pockets. He is wearing red sunglasses with the rims shaped like hearts. On top of his head is a white hat.

Volunteering with KMC Pride

I had the pleasure of speaking with Natalie Ricketts about the creation of KMC Pride and how you can get involved. 

Photo Of Tattoo artists preparing tools

Things to think of before getting inked

Tattoos become a permanent part your body, your identity and your story. There are so many choices and sizes, it can be daunting to choose the right one. Here are some specific types of styles and designs to choose from.

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Honoring Winneshiek County Veterans

In the heart of Decorah, Iowa, stands a testament to the valor and sacrifice of those who have served in the armed forces from Winneshiek County.

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