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Team America recruiting DoDEA football players

Team America is recruiting DoDEA high school football players for the One World Bowl.

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A kid’s guide to Normandy

Read on for military kid writer Kipp Gleason’s advice on what to see and do in Normandy

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Famous forests

Being out in nature can calm you down when you are stressed. So, take a walk in the woods near your house, or visit one of these three famously wacky woods. 

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Back to school in Europe

Across Europe, back to school also means cones with sweets, smocks, signs in windows and more. Here are some back to school traditions from all over Europe!

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Tasty ways to top your apple

This apple craft is all about what YOU want. Younger kids will need an adult to help them. Choose from the tart Granny Smith (my pick), or the tangy McIntosh, the sweet Red Delicious or the crisp Gala. Get your adult and have them help you put your skewer into your apple.

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Super powers are super cool

Here are ten of our favorite super powers. Did yours make the list?

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Why I took a gap year and why you should too

During my gap year, I finally realized what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I realized the perfect university I wanted to go to wasn't actually the best fit for me. I realized I couldn't bear to leave Europe and the simpler, healthier lifestyle I adapted.

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How to set up the ultimate workstation for kids at home

While you can’t control what goes on in the classroom, you can facilitate their study time at home by setting up an A+ workstation.

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Bullying Awareness and Prevention within DoDEA schools

DoDEA implemented a system-wide Bully Prevention program as a part of the Safe Schools and Character Education program.

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A look at homeschooling for military families

Many military parents may be considering homeschooling their children, but are unsure of how to start or if it’s worth it.

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5 easy tips to conquer college admissions

You’ve made it to a major milestone of your American You’ve just got one last major hurdle coming your way - college applications. You may be feeling the looming deadlines already. It’s time to take the plunge and look into the possibilities of your future.

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Getting your child out the door in the morning

No matter how early I get up and get everything prepared the night before, my 4 yr. old is sooo slow and it is a nightmare...

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Back to school for spouses

However, it’s not just children who return to classes at this time. Service members and spouses can also get back to the books.

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