Zugspitze: Germany's highest point

Zugspitze: Germany's highest point

by Allie Smeeth
Stripes Europe

Journey to new heights during a trek across Germany’s highest mountain peak, the Zugspitze. Whether you visit in winter or summer, this oasis in the clouds will provide you an opportunity to explore nature in unique ways.


Would you like to learn a new sport? If so, a trip to the Zugspitze during the winter is a must. Along with various ski and snowboarding slopes, the mountain has a variety of leisurely activities the whole family will love! 

Skiing and Snowboarding: Known for abundant fresh powder, the Zugspitze is one of the best mountains to learn or tune up skiing and snowboarding skills. During your excursion along the slope’s 20-kilometer ski area, take a peek at the outer banks of the mountain, situated above the clouds. 

Cool off at the Igloo Village: If you have ever wondered what life is like in an igloo, a trip to the Zugspitze’s Igloo Village is a must! Explore the igloo’s pathways, enjoy a drink at the bar and try some fondue at the igloo’s restaurant. 

Climb to new heights: Venture above the clouds by taking part in the Zugspitze’s snowshoeing tour. This excursion enables servicemembers and their families to travel along the mountain range and take in the majestic landscape. 

Sledding: Zoom down the peaks by taking a ride on the Zugspitze’s toboggan trail. During your descent, you will travel along a specially designed track to experience the mountain’s exceptional trails. Sledding excursions are accessible during the winter and summer. 


Just because winter is over does not mean the fun is! Whether you want to trail blaze or learn about the mountain, your summer excursion will be worthwhile. 

Glacier hikes: As you discover Germany’s last glaciers on a guided hike, you will learn about their formation and the Zugspitze’s history. 

Germany’s highest chapel: Situated 3,000 meters above sea level, the Maria Heimschung church provides guests with a unique religious experience. This small church is the perfect place to enjoy the mountain’s amazing views. 

Hiking: One of the best ways to take in the Zugspitze’s beauty is by exploring the mountain’s trails. Whether you decide to hike or bike the numerous paths, you are bound to have an enjoyable experience. 

Glacier adventure trail: Glimpse the mountain’s unique landscape and history during a five-station interactive hike. This family-friendly exploration enables you to learn about the mountain’s structure and how weather patterns affect the peak. 

Treading the Water: Situated at the base of the mountain, Lake Eibsee provides picturesque views of the Zugspitze. This lake is the perfect place for families to swim or rent paddle boats. 

A walk through time: Travel back in time at the Zugspitze’s interactive museum. As you walk through the complex, original photos capture the mountain’s early transformation, and interactive videos explain local weather patterns. Make sure to head to the glass floor for a thrilling aerial view of the mountain. 

Camping: Surround yourself with parks and the forests for the evening at the Activity & Family Resort Tiroler Zugspitze. To book your trip, visit www.zugspitze-resort.at/en/camping


From dining under the stars and taking a historic trip to the top of the mountain to re-energizing, the Zugspitze enables visitors to have a wonderful exploration experience. 

Finding your balance: Center your mind, body and soul by taking part in one of the Zugspitze’s 90-minute yoga sessions. From July to September, participants have the opportunity to learn how to increase their flexibility, strength and endurance along Panoramic Mount Wank. 

Dining under the stars: Experience the sunset like never before during the annual Full Moon Ride and Zugspitze Dinner event. Once the cogwheel train arrives at Panorama 2962, you will be served a delicious meal and hear traditional Bavarian music. 

Nostalgia ride: Head to the Zugspitze’s SonnAlpin Glacier Restaurant, located in an 84-year-old train, for the annual Nostalgia Ride. This event takes place every September and October. 

Bavarian evening: Experience Bavarian culture during the annual Bavarian Evening. This unique event enables guests to try Bavarian cuisine, German beers and wines, and listen to traditional Bavarian music. Dinners are available from July to August and October. 


Exploring the Zugspitze is tiring. Whether you prefer to sit and have a cup of hot chocolate or a warm bowl of soup, the Zugspitze’s four dining locations are sure to meet your needs. 

Glaciergarden: Satisfy your taste buds and your eyes at the Glaciergarden, the Zugspitze’s outdoor restaurant. Located along the trails, this restaurant provides diners with traditional German meals, warm beverages and a pleasant atmosphere. Thismajestic location is also the perfect location for next year’s holiday card! 

SonnAlpine: Situated 2,600 meters above sea level, this quaint Bavarian restaurant will enable you to relax and take in the view. Treat your appetite with schnitzel and German pastries, or warm up with a cup of tea. 

Gipfelalm: Located 2,952 meters above sea level, the Gipfelalm provides families with both an exceptional meal and view. While you kick back, satisfy your sweet tooth with a slice of apple strudel or Kaiserschmarrn, a sweet, chopped pancake. 

Panorama 2962: Get an up close view of the alpine peaks and Lake Eibsee at Panorama 2962. Located 10 meters below the peak, this picturesque restaurant provides guests with the chance to sit back, relax and refuel before getting back on the trails. 


Learn a new sport, see Germany from a different view and reconnect with family during a vacation near the Zugspitze

If you are looking for a place to stay, Edelweiss Lodge and Resort is an Armed Forces Recreation Center that caters to servicemembers, civilians and their families.

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