Your Barcelona bucket list

Barcelona, Spain
Barcelona, Spain

Your Barcelona bucket list

by Erica Fowler
Stripes Europe

Want a trip that will stave off the cold of the coming months? Head to the Mediterranean coast of Spain, where Barcelona is waiting.


  1. Practice Catalan phrases to mingle with the locals, such as the greeting, “Bon Dia!” or market shop with the ability to ask, “Què és això?” or “What is this?” Marvel at the beautiful blend of French, Spanish and Italian languages that have merged to create one of Spain’s four official co-languages.


  1. Experience the unique and colorful Gaudí architecture of several prominent buildings throughout the city, but especially on a stroll through Park Güell.


  1. Grab a cold beer and tapas at La Boqueria market, before or after you have ventured through the city’s massive central street, La Rambla.


  1. Take a shared or private catamaran ride and relax on the Balearic Sea.


  1. Delight in an evening fountain show at the Fountain of Montjuïc amid a garden and museum-filled area of the city.


  1. Take in the view from Montserrat, a mountain range jutting inland from Barcelona, with a historic abbey, terraces, and interesting sites tucked throughout. You can even take a cable car to the top!


  1. The Picasso Museum pays homage to the artist’s many years in this city. If you are an art lover, the display of over 3,000 of his works is a must-do, which is housed in five medieval mansions.


  1. Find your favorite rooms at the Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site, which was once a hospital, if you can believe it, when you’re looking at intricately tiled murals and palatial, sunny arched rooms.


  1. Wind through the beautiful Parc de la Ciutadella for its many green spaces, a zoo, and their indoor palm house and winter garden, perfect for days with less than perfect weather.


  1. La Sagrada Familia, the largest unfinished church in the world, is a popular site on many bucket lists, and it is worth seeing it in all its magnificence, despite the crowds.

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