Edenkoben, one of many charming villages along the German Wine Route, is home to the former summer residence of Bavarian kings, a chairlift up the Rietburg mountain and a remarkable garden re-established where Cistercian sisters once tended beautiful gardens.
Pull up any article on ultra-light packing and it’s likely your reading material will be chock-full of affiliate links trying to get you to purchase something.
How do you get your thrills? If you’re always on the lookout for something higher, faster and steeper, you just might find that a water slide ticks all your boxes.
Situated in the Mediterranean, there is a gem. Though this beauty may be known for its vivacious atmosphere, the towns, locals, food and beaches are what make this island one worth coming back to. We’re talking about Ibiza, the “Isla Blanca” (white island) of the Balearic Sea.
Whenever we get visitors, I’m proud to show them around the handsome wine village I now call home. First mentioned in a document dating back to 765, my adopted town has more than its fair share of landmarks and history.
Good things take time. Italy’s Lago di Garda, the country’s largest lake, and a stunner at that, was formed 1.5 million years ago, and the basin that holds it is the result of geological events that took place over the course of 200 million years.
Just a two-hour drive from Frankfurt or Nuremberg, or a half-hour’s ride from Würzburg, the regal spa town of Bad Kissingen beckons with splendid scenery, a rich history peopled with famed personalities and healing mineral waters.
For a tiny piece of land parked off the southern coast of England, the Isle of Wight is jam-packed with Victorian charm and history, ancient artifacts and abandoned and haunted buildings, and it is home to an epic music festival every year.
What do the words Donau, Dunaj, Duna, Dunav, Danubio and Tuna have in common? They are all proper nouns describing the same thing in different languages: the awe-inspiring Danube River, source of artistic inspiration and countless legends.
When in Scotland, you can’t escape the land’s wild beauty. It’s untamed, unruly, and absolutely breathtaking. I highly recommend taking a few days away from the history of the cities to hike and wander about the highlands. But, as with all things Mother Nature, you need to be smart about it.
When it comes to choosing a German city to explore, here’s a handy rule of thumb: if the name has a “Bad” in it, it’s usually pretty good.
Now that the stay-at-home order has been lifted in England, it’s time to think about heading out the door for new adventures. While we cannot travel internationally or across the Welsh and Scottish borders (yet), ease your way into exploring this amazing country with a day trip to Norwich.
As one of the oldest cities in Poland, the stunning coastal city of Gdańsk is full of stories and history. Ruled by Prussians, Germans and Poles, the combined cultural influence can be felt everywhere. From the moment you arrive, you’ll notice a stark resemblance to the Dutch capital, Amsterdam.
Waking up in a glamorous European city, gliding along the crystalline waters of the Mediterranean or on the scenic and equally beautiful Douro River in Portugal, having an itinerary and meals already planned, and housekeeping service including turndown service? It sounds downright heavenly.
Idar-Oberstein is a pleasant if rather sleepy town nestled in a wooded western corner of the Rhineland-Palatinate within the Hunsrück range of low-lying mountains.