If you’ve been searching for an incredible hiking opportunity in Germany, look no further! The Rheinsteig Hiking Trail is a popular hiking destination that stretches for about 200 miles on a dirt path.
Although movement in the U.K. is a bit limited right now, there are some amazing sights to see when we can travel within the country again. Get away from the hustle and bustle of your local area and head to the picturesque southwest region of England.
Precariously perched castles, improbably steep vineyards and slumbering half-timbered towns: the scenery along Germany’s rivers is a mesmerizing mélange of wonders.
It was tough news to hear, but we’ve accepted the fact that the Christmas markets that make Germany so merry and bright cannot take place this year.
Santa Claus is a real man of mystery. A mere mention of his name can either strike fear or incite sheer delight in the hearts of the world’s youth. Of course, that all depends on whether they have been naughty or nice; no one wants to appear on the wrong side of his list.
Traveler at heart? We understand just how much you’re missing exploring new cities and countries because, trust us, we’re sharing your pain! Fortunately, in this day and age of internet connectivity, there are things we can do to mitigate this temporary clipping of our wings.
Tucked in Munich’s western district is the Baroque palace of Nymphenburg. Combined with the Nymphenburg Palace Park, it was once the main summer residence for the rulers of Bavaria.
On the northern coast of Germany by the Baltic Sea you’ll find Rostock. This city is the third-largest city on Baltic coast and home to one of the oldest universities in the world, the University of Rostock, which was founded in 1419.
Forget the overcrowded streets of bustling cities and get ready for an adventure that takes you into the lesser-traveled country of Slovakia. There’s certainly no shortage of activities here, from hiking in the glorious mountains to exploring romantic castles.
Known as the “city of 100 spires,” Prague is arguably one of the most beautiful cities I’ve traveled to. With friendly locals, refreshing beer, delicious food and history to be told at every corner, this affordable city stole my heart. Below are just a few reasons why.
“Humans have a fascination with abomination,” is a phrase one of my professors used to describe the irresistible pull some feel toward the macabre and unfamiliar.
Of the many reasons to love living in or traveling through Europe, many people bring up its rich history. When compared with the history of North American cities or regions, European cities and countries can offer centuries of stories and events that have shaped what a place looks like today.
There is not a bad season to visit Bavaria but Bavaria in winter? Well, that’s a sight words will do no justice. While Zugspitze and Garmisch-Partenkirche seem to get all the winter wonderland headlines, and rightfully so, the area is a frozen fairytale come to life.
There are just some places that stick out in your memory more than others. Though I’ve visited more castles than I can count, I certainly remember a select few that were above the rest.
Something many don’t know about me is my parents are paranormal investigators. Really.
Ah, Spain. I can taste the sangria now as I sit here and reminisce about my time there. What an incredible country! From the friendly people to the tastiest tapas, Spain stole my heart right away. If you have the pleasure of traveling to Spain in the late fall/early winter, you’re in luck.