Winter at Edelweiss Lodge & Resort

Winter at Edelweiss Lodge & Resort

by Juanita Harles
Edelweiss Lodge and Resort

Breathtaking views of the German Alps stun visitors as they travel into the picturesque Bavarian town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen. This spectacular panorama has become a must-see for service members while stationed in Europe. The town offers a wealth of activities to relax, entertain and enjoy throughout the year.

Snow sports school

Skiing is a family affair. Edelweiss Lodge and Resort offers the perfect opportunity to teach your kids the joy of skiing or snowboarding. “Exposing your children to skiing at a young age really accelerates their becoming proficient skiers,” said Ski School Director Leigh Plowman. “We teach children from age 5. They have no fear and can learn very quickly with our certified instructors who make every lesson fun and exciting.”

Guests love the fact they can rent everything needed for a great week at an affordable price. If service members were to take a ski vacation in the U.S., they may pay double for lift tickets, equipment and instruction. “It doesn’t make sense to buy expensive equipment that you may only use a few weeks in a winter, or that the kids will outgrow by next year” said Lead Ski School Instructor, Kyle Tilley.

Unique mountain experience

Getting to the slopes could not be easier with the complimentary ski shuttle from the resort to the private Hausberg Sport Lodge. Service members can keep their gear in lockers at the lodge, so they don’t need to carry it back and forth every day.

The most affordable option for learning to ski or snowboard is through the Edelweiss Resort Snow Sports Instruction Weeks. The package includes four or five days of small group instruction from certified English-speaking instructors, equipment rentals, transportation to and from the slopes, lift tickets to the appropriate slope and a ton of fun on the mountain. “The children’s instructors are always so much fun and have just the right balance to push them without scaring them. It makes me grateful to see my children excited and engaged,” said the proud parent of a ski school graduate.

Tours and adventures

Apart from spending time on the slopes, service members also enjoy many tours Edelweiss offers, which vary from season to season. Every time guests vacation at the resort they can choose something new.

One of the most popular family adventures is the Partnach Gorge Torchlight Night Tour. On this tour, guests walk with torches through a frozen gorge with icefalls cascading down vertical walls, illuminating the ice in beautiful colors. “The tour guides are very knowledgeable, entertaining and helpful, making it all intriguing and possible,” a guest said after his tour to the Gorge.

Another family favorite is the tour to Neuschwanstein Castle, which inspired Cinderella’s castle at Disneyland. There is nothing more majestic than riding a horse-drawn carriage up to the castle on a snowy winter day.

If you are looking for another great winter outing, consider the Munich City Tour. Besides getting to see the city for the day, the tour offers a chance to spend time at the sprawling Christmas markets. There is plenty of time for shopping, lunch and exploration as a family.

Food for the soul

Since a lot of winter vacations are spent on the mountain skiing and snowboarding, guests find their way down the slope to rest tired legs at the Hausberg Sport Lodge during lunch. Edelweiss also has several on-site restaurants. Market Station offers a wonderful American-style breakfast and rotating themed dinner buffets every night. Thursday nights you can always find “American Idol” wannabes at Zuggy’s Base Camp for Karaoke Night. Enjoy chicken wings, a pizza, and maybe after a beer, have the courage to get up and sing a favorite tune. Pullman Place combines quality with a relaxed elegant atmosphere. In the resort’s show kitchen, steak is grilled to perfection along with delicious seafood and unique pasta dishes to satisfy any appetite.

Renew at the spa

While children are taking ski lessons, parents can spend some quality time together. Many rejuvenate by spending a much-needed day relaxing at the Point Wellness Club. The resort offers a wide variety of services, including massages, body treatments and facials. “It is a special time parents can spend together, forgetting about all of life’s daily stresses. A vacation to Edelweiss Resort always lets guests remember that life is really about making memories with their families,” said Lisa Wyman, a Massage Therapist.

Escape to the Alps

What many service members appreciate about Edelweiss Resort is how simple the reservation process is from start to finish. “From over the phone, to the entire stay, the staff at the resort were extremely supportive and attentive to our needs,” Lt Col Mike Zuhlsdorf wrote after his wonderful visit to the resort. Garmisch is centrally located in Europe and easily accessible from other bases. The resort can effortlessly become a home away from home while stationed overseas. The “facility was wonderful and we felt safe and pampered,” a family said during a recent visit.

Vacation planning

The Vacation Planning Center makes it seamless to make reservations for the whole trip prior to arrival, taking away the stress of planning. When arriving at the resort, almost everything is set, so guests can focus on what is important – relaxing! After a recent escape to the resort, Lt Col Lisa Mabbutt raved on a comment card, “Our stay was exactly the battery recharging holiday we looked for as we explored Bavaria.”

Another great benefit Edelweiss Resort offers is that children under 17 stay for free, while many hotels in Europe charge. The resort is not just a retreat for families. Many single soldiers find it is affordable, with plenty of exciting activities to participate in.

Edelweiss Lodge and Resort provides a safe and comforting place to vacation as a family or single soldier, while stationed overseas. Life is about cherishing moments with loved ones and experiencing new things, something everyone can be sure to do while visiting the Alps in the hidden treasure of Garmisch-Partenkirchen. It is a place forever in the hearts of many service members and their families, truly a home away from home that every service member must experience while living in Europe.

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