Where to stay, eat, drink and shop in Denia, Spain

Where to stay, eat, drink and shop in Denia, Spain

by Megan Waterhouse
Stripes Europe

Denia is about 40 minutes outside of the famous city of Valencia and is perfect for travelers seeking more of an off-the-beaten-path destination. Away from the hustle and bustle of Valencia, it allows guests to relax, while also offering a variety of places to stay, eat, drink and shop.


Located a stone’s throw from the refreshingly cool and clear Atlantic, is The Oasis Hostel. The word hostel tends to drum up a connotation of grimy and compact, however, The Oasis puts all those negative stereotypes to shame. It has more of a hotel feel than that of a traditional hostel. The room I stayed in had a walk-in shower, air conditioning, ample storage space and most importantly peace and quiet. Though the room was located over the restaurant kitchen, the noise level was low and the room offered both a decently sized closet and side table for clothing storage. The restaurant and bar are run by friendly staff who aim to please. From fresh seafood paella to fruit cocktails, this place has it all. Access to both a lovely pool (decked out with tanning chairs) and the ocean, check off all the boxes for a serene Spanish sanctuary.

Fuego Restaurant

 A few minutes’ drive from The Oasis is Fuego, a lovely BBQ restaurant, but not BBQ in the traditional sense. Instead of pulled pork and baked beans, customers are drawn in by the aroma of freshly grilled sea bass and vegetables, prawns smothered in olive oil and garlic, and sizzling steak cooked to perfection alongside delicious potato wedges. Looking to save a bit of money but not willing to compromise on taste or portion size? Fuego, like many other restaurants in town, offers a meal of the day. The meal of the day consists of a seasonal appetizer or salad, a choice between two entrees and dessert. On occasion, a bottle of wine is even included in this deal! The courses are perfectly timed, allowing guests to dine leisurely and let each course settle prior to introducing the following dish. 


The streets of Denia are lined with colorful shops of all sorts. One of my favorites was a surf shop showcasing Roxy and Quiksilver apparel. The walls were lined with wetsuits, summery dresses, and bohemian jewelry. Another shop that originated in Spain that is especially popular, though a little farther from the hostel, is MANGO. Dresses and two-piece sets cover the walls, creating a bright and inviting atmosphere. Both professional and casual attire are displayed for a variety of women, prices vary, however, most are fairly reasonable. If you are looking to shop closer to the water, there are several vendors right on the water selling sun hats, sunglasses and a variety of beaded jewelry. Getting too warm from all your shopping endeavors? There is a gelato shop seemingly on every corner and it is the perfect way to cool off. 

Keeping in mind the tips mentioned will ensure that you have a wonderful stay in the beautiful hideaway that is Denia.

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