A weekend in Trier

A weekend in Trier

by Amanda Hayward
Stripes Europe

Germany’s oldest city, Trier, is popular for its Roman architecture, history, outdoor recreation and wine. One long weekend in Trier made me feel like a well-rounded individual.

Getting there

For a straight shot to Trier, I took the train from Landstuhl HBF to Trier HBF, the main station. A 45-minute train ride and a brisk 10-minute walk later, I arrived at The Mercure Hotel, placed directly in front of the old town and the Porta Nigra, the “Black Gate,” Trier’s last standing gate of four dating back to A.D. 180.

Old town Trier

The Porta Nigra is a perfect starting point if you want to begin a tour of Trier; when you walk past the gate, you immediately see the main market square, Hauptmarkt. The tourist information was immediately to my right after I entered through the square. Here I gathered everything I needed to know about cycling, hiking, wine tastings and a city sightseeing tour. I took a quick ride on the hopper bus where I could “hop on and hop off” at any point that interested me — the bus runs every 30 minutes, giving you a lovely view of the wine vineyards, and takes you to the Roman Barbara Baths, the enormous amphitheater, along the River Rhine, the basilica and more. Tickets are 11 euros for one adult and are good all day so you can get off at the amphitheater, take your time exploring, and then catch the next bus. 

Christmas market at Hauptmarkt

I got off the bus at Hauptmarkt where at the time, the Christmas market was laid out on the main square; there were more than 95 wooden stalls filled with handmade gifts like candles, wreaths, toys and hand-blown glass. While I patiently waited for a custom-made, personalized wooden door sign to be handcrafted for my little boy, I explored the market, sipped on a cup of steamy Glühwein and listened to an orchestra of Christmas carols. For more information about this market and more, flip through the Stripes Christmas Market Guide.

Wine tasting

This was the highlight of my trip. If you’re a wine enthusiast, Trier is the place to be. You’re bound to sniff out a private wine hike/walking tour and tasting if you keep your nose high. I booked a tasting at a delicious fish restaurant, Oechsle Wein- & Fischhaus, smack in the middle of the old town. The small tasting of four or six wines is the way to go for one person. You also get a basket of bread to nibble as a wine consultant gives you a brief overview of their wines so you can carefully choose which to taste. I was having way too much fun as I sipped on Sauvignon Blanc and listened to the consultant explain where it was made and with what grapes. By chance I met a fun group of people who booked the larger tasting of 120 wines — sounds like tons of wine right? Basically, the guide gives you a tour of all 120 bottles of wine delicately organized — dry white and reds, sweet wines, rosés and sparkling— then you’re on your own and free to grab whichever wines you want from the time of your booking until closing time. Book a wine tasting or learn more about private wine tours and hikes along Trier’s rolling hills of vineyards.

Events in Trier

Year-round there are great happenings in Trier. Alstadtfest is a summer favorite that happens in historic downtown each June for a long weekend — good food and music are everywhere; in August the Great Trier Wine Festival takes place in the Olewig district with live music, tastings of the local Mosel wines, food and of course a good time.

I took the train back home, reminisced on my short cultural weekend and thought about how my family would enjoy Trier with me on my next visit. To plan your own weekend getaway to this beautiful city, visit trier-info.de.

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