Visit the vibrant side of Bucharest

Photo by radub85
Photo by radub85

Visit the vibrant side of Bucharest

by Emma Bareihs
Stripes Europe

Undergoing many regime changes, the architecture in Bucharest ranges from panel buildings from the Communist era to Byzantine influences and French design. Although stunning and historical, the color scheme of the city, like many other old cities, is the typical grey and stone. Color brings the city to life in these hidden secrets of the vibrant side of Bucharest. Hit up some of these color-popping sites when you’re in this city.

1. Pasajul Victoria

Under a sea of rainbow umbrellas, you can’t miss the photo opportunity of the Victory Passage. Let the sunshine through the multi-colored umbrella panels while you enjoy coffee and food at a café underneath.

2. Cișmigiu Gardens

Designed by Carl Meyer, a German landscape architect in 1845, the public gardens contain exotic plants, lakes and flowers that can bring a smile to your face on sunny days. The natural art of the structure of the gardens is anything but dull.

3. Pasajul Macca – Vilacrosse

Known as the Valley of the Kings, this passage is popular for its shisha. Many cafes and restaurants inside this covered passage sell shisha pipes. With the ceiling made out of colored glass, the light that shines through makes for a fun, moody atmosphere.

4. Cărturești Carusel

The stark white columns of Cărturești Carusel may not seem like the most vivacious of spaces, but with the different tones of the books lining the walls, the bookshop is brilliant. On bright days, the space feels luminous from the glass ceiling.

5. Acuarela

Acuarela is a café you can’t miss. Radiating colors and creativity, this café is colorful and covered in plants, lights and offers watercolor paints at your table to play with. The quirky café has mismatched seating and artwork on the walls. Emulating Pasajul Victoria, Acuarela has a sky of umbrellas on the terrace.

6. Grădina Botanică

The Botanical Gardens of Bucharest, similar to the Cișmigiu Gardens, are covered in vegetation. Pops of color among the invigorating greens make the gardens an imaginative place to explore.  With more than 10,000 species of plants, take your time while you talk through the floral backdrop.

7. Strada Arthur Verona

Known for the popping colors of street art, this street and its surrounding streets have an abundance of designs full of character. The urban art form takes over the city in paintings and graffiti that will catch your eye.

8. Gradina EDEN

A forested bar in Bucharest, the tables and chairs of Gradina EDEN offer a relaxed setting to have a drink. Not only surrounded by vibrant greens of the foliage, the Eden Garden has colorful walls, hammocks, lights, bean bags and stools.

9. Food Hood

An easily recognizable turquoise van identifies Food Hood, an urban street food hub. Relax in one of the bright chairs and sink your feet into the sanded area while you munch on a meal from a variety of food trucks. The colorful bunting and music enliven the center of old town.

10. Pura Vida Sky Bar

This paint splattered bar against the old architecture of the city skyline is a perfect place to mix the old and the new. Watch the changing hues of the sunset with a drink in hand at this rooftop bar on top of a hostel.

Step off the cobblestone streets and into a brighter space of Bucharest. These locations in the city are vivid sights for when you need a spot of color in your life. Paint away the dull stone images of old cities in your mind with the glowing vibrant sides that Bucharest has to offer. 

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