Visit the spectacular Burg Eltz

Burg Eltz
Burg Eltz

Visit the spectacular Burg Eltz

by Elizabeth Jones
Stripes Europe

Hidden in the hills above the Moselle River is the mystical Burg Eltz. The castle is surrounded by the beautiful Eltz Forest and tucked away from the small town of Wierschem. The remarkable thing about Burg Eltz is its unscathed structure that survived wars from previous centuries dating back to 1157.

Make your way to the castle

Due to Burg Eltz’s isolated location, making your way to the front doors of the fortress can be quite an adventure. Visitors have the option of taking a shuttle bus from the main parking lot or hiking 15 minutes through the winding, lush forest to reach the castle grounds. However, the shuttle bus only runs during the months the castle is open for tours. Tours start-up after Germany’s winter season, at the end of March, and close early November. People are more than welcome to still visit the outside of the castle during the closed tour season. Exploring Burg Eltz when it’s closed for tours makes for the perfect photo op due to the deserted surroundings.

Delight in the enchanting ambiance of the castle

Whether you visit during Burg Eltz’s open or closed season, I always recommend tourists hike to the castle because the view is simply breathtaking. Make your way through the forest’s path as you relish in the atmosphere of trees rustling in the wind, dried, shriveled leaves on the ground crunching with every step you take and the sound of the creek streaming nearby. Directly across from the castle is a road that leads you up a hill to have a panoramic view of Burg Eltz and the beauty of Mother Nature that surrounds it. It’s the perfect spot to enjoy a picnic and soak up the wonderful views around you. 

A visit to Burg Eltz promises a day filled with memories that will last forever. It’ll be nearly impossible to decide what your favorite part of the day will be – the excitement driving to Burg Eltz, wandering through the forest, touring the castle grounds, the picnic with amazing scenery or documenting your special day with all the new pictures that now exist in your camera roll. Either way, a trip to Burg Eltz should be on everyone's bucket list.

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