As someone who studied history in college and graduate school, I was excited at the prospect of moving to Europe where there seems to history everywhere.
Do you ever have one of those days on a trip, where everything aligns absolutely perfectly? You didn’t do anything to make it that way, it just all came together?
With its picturesque canals lined with brightly painted, half-timbered houses, flower boxes sprouting a profusion of geraniums, and looming Gothic cathedral, Strasbourg, France dazzles with its unique mélange of cosmopolitan character and Alsatian charm.
Home brewing has always been a hobby for Dave and Daniela Bruce of Fox River Brewery. Though this “hobby” has gotten a bit bigger—the menu lists more than 35 different beers and has become a whole family affair—the brewery still feels like a hobby.
When it’s time to plan a much-needed break from the hubbub of everyday life, choosing between tranquil, idyllic beaches and rugged mountains can be tough. White sand between your toes or hiking one of Europe’s most challenging and scenic trails?
Multi-colored terracotta houses perched atop a cliff with the beautiful, cerulean Mediterranean hugging the edges and bougainvillea cascading down restaurants and shops — what sounds like a picture-perfect dream is actually reality when you travel to Positano, a dazzling, cliffside village along
There’s no denying Venice’s beauty. With more than 150 canals snaking their way through the heart of the main island of Venice, it’s easy to get lost wandering over bridges and along the waterways. However, the Veneto district is comprised of more than 120 small islands.
It’s a bright and shiny new year, with goals to set and countless opportunities to take on fresh challenges. Should your tastes lean toward speed, heights or physical exertion, why not put one of these out-of-the ordinary experiences on your to-do list for 2022?
During rather brief geography lessons as young students, we learned where the “big” European countries were — England, France, Italy, Germany, Spain and maybe a handful of others.
History has shown if anyone knows how to brew a good pint of beer its the monks and that is exactly who brought Paulaner beer into the world.
Known as the unofficial capital of the champagne region, Reims is a striking city that provides French flair, delectable eats, history and of course, sparkling wine.
Depending on your affinity for heights, this destination might send your heart racing or may simply suggest a pleasant summer outing.
For stunning views of Wiesbaden, the spa city’s very own “mountain” known as the Neroberg is hard to beat. From its 800-foot summit, day-trippers are treated to eagle-eye views of the city’s roofs and church steeples, sloping vineyards and the distant mountains of the Taunus range.
Tuscany is a dream destination for anyone who craves beautiful scenery, incredible food, some of the world’s finest wines and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Stretching from the Apennines to the Tyrrhenian Sea, Tuscany is the heart of Italy.
Sitting along the tributary of the River Taff and Bristol Channel, just across the water from Weston-super-Mare in England, Cardiff dates back to the 1st century, with a small Roman fort established in the city center. Over time, Cardiff became a lively port municipality.
Forget the overcrowded streets of bustling cities and get ready for a trip that takes you into a lesser-traveled country, Slovakia! There’s no shortage of activities here, from hiking in the mountains to exploring castles. Pack up the family and get ready for an adventure!