Venice: The city on water

Venice: The city on water

by Richard Brown
Stripes Europe

Summer’s here and there’s no shortage of places to visit while in Europe. Packed with sights and good food, Venice, Italy is one hot spot that has it all.

Tourist boats
The city is made up of more than a hundred small islands that are connected by bridges and water canals. Many may be surprised to see that there are no roads in Venice, just canals; unless of course you have your own boat, a boat taxi or tourist boat is the only way to get around. But don't fret! The tourist boats come frequently and can fit a large capacity of people in one stop. The tourist boat stations are easy to find since they’re located throughout the city and are centrally located to most of the major sites.  

Tourist boat traveling through the Venetian lagoon

Gondola Rides
Beware of the gondola ride, unless of course, you want to enjoy a private quiet ride through a canal or two; these aren't your general tourist boats or a water taxi, but boats that have their own drivers and are higher in cost. You can typically find them more frequently, as they’re able to travel further inland because of their small size. You may have longed to visit Venice based off seeing a gondola on television or in the movies and you aren’t alone. In fact, many people from around the world visit Venice just to have that experience. The cost is around 80 euros for a private 25-30 minute tour. However, that same tour will cost 120 euros if you decide to enjoy it at night.   

Gondola Ride in Venice 

Know before you go
If you visit in the summer, you’ll definitely see lots of tourist groups. They are sometimes very large and can make your wait time into museums and exhibits fairly long. Also, another smart thing to do is to bring lots of sunscreen, pack bottled water and wear some comfortable shoes. Packing the essentials for a day around the city will be a lifesaver!  

Whether your visit to Vince is long overdue or you’re an old pro, navigating the streets and waters of this city will be an experience that you’ll never forget.    

(Note: Borders have opened back up in Europe. However, during the pandemic, be aware of the country's and city's restrictions before you visit. Also, check attraction websites for changes in opening times and restrictions.)

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