Unleash your wild side at Europa-Park

Unleash your wild side at Europa-Park

by Allie Smeeth
Stripes Europe

For as long as I can remember, my family has taken a day trip to Europe’s second most popular theme park, Europa-Park. Located in Rust, Germany, this magical park provides visitors with an opportunity to unleash their youthful, adventurous sides. 

Magical beginnings 

Entering Europa-Park’s gates is like walking into a kid’s dream world. Along with the smell of fresh cut grass, dozens of candy trollies, exquisite architecture and giant Euro Mouse hedge, the entrance to Europa-Park fulfilled my childhood haven. Would we start by zipping through mountainous terrain on the Alpine coaster Enzia? Even as an adult, choosing what rides to go on is difficult. However, no matter what roller coasters I end up going on, I still have a fantastic time!

Traveling from country to country 

One of the most unique aspects of Europa-Park is its layout. Various European countries, including Spain, Greece, Russia and even Scandinavia, await us. During our travels, we sampled chocolate crêpes in France, gelato in Italy and bratwurst in Germany. We also enjoyed each country’s beautiful architecture and traditional music as we journeyed to our next location. 

In Switzerland, we shook things up on the Matterhorn-Blitz; this fast-paced ride took us under the surrounding buildings, down steep trails and through some trees. Then we let gravity take charge at the Swiss Bob Run. 

In France, we found two of the most anticipated rides, the Eurosat and the Silver Star. We decided to start our frightful adventure with a ride on the Eurosat. The Eurosat thrilled us with three minutes and 30 seconds of sharp turns, scary inclines and blaring lights. Once our eyes adjusted, we made our way to the Silver Star. This three-minute ride provided me with the thrill of a lifetime. As I soared above the clouds, I was taken away by the numerous twists, turns, seat-gripping inclines and an array of downward slopes. 

After our French encounter, we headed for Greece, where the authentic buildings, statues and boardwalks captured its unique style. Once we familiarized ourselves with the surroundings, we got a little wet and wild on Poseidon. In line, the atmosphere made us feel like we were part of the crew. In our boats we cruised past the crook, zipped up the slope, zoomed through the village and made our chilling descent back to shore. Soaked to the bone, we decided to take a ride on Pegasus, where the coaster’s twists and turns managed to dry us off. 

Cooling off 

Tired of waiting in lines, we stopped to eat. Since we had not sampled Greece’s food yet, we treated ourselves to a helping of gyros, Greek salad and Pommes at Taverna Mykonos. Aside from its rustic atmosphere, the food was exceptional. Then, we ventured to Poseidon’s splash zone for a 20-minute, live diving and acrobatic stage show. 

Heading back out 

After the exciting show, we moved on to Scandinavia, with its beautiful waterways, rocky bridges and picturesque architecture. After a photo op in the famous shark head, we accepted the Fjord-Rafting’s challenge of staying dry while bouncing along the village’s river. Along the treacherous waterway, we dodged visitors’ water guns, tried to avoid spraying geysers and maneuvered around waterfalls. 

Next we took the rocking bridge into Iceland and then on to Europa-Park’s wooden roller coaster, the Wodan. Standing 40 meters high, Wodan’s swift twists and steep hills was an amazing adventure. From there we rode Iceland’s most popular roller coaster, the Blue Fire Megacoaster. Cruising at 100 km/h, this fast-paced ride offers a hefty dose of speed, dips, flips and jaw-dropping twists.

Something for everyone 

Creating a plan of attack for your trip to Europa-Park may seem a little nerve-racking, but do not let it stop you from entering the gates. Aside from the park’s amazing food, numerous playgrounds and daring roller coasters, visitors of all ages will have a memorable experience.

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