Try these little adventures on your next road trip

Group of people taking selfie in car
Group of people taking selfie in car

Try these little adventures on your next road trip

by Anna Boquen
Stripes Europe

The open road is calling, and we must heed the call. Get your close friends or family together, your snacks ready, fuel your car, and head out to create unforgettable experiences together. You will learn a lot and have loads of fun as you navigate the unfamiliar roads that weave around mountains and other beautiful terrains. To make your next road trip more exciting, whether you will be alone or with family or friends, be sure to try these tried-and-true adventures:

1. Take the back roads

Avoid taking the highway when road tripping. Major roads are mundane, and their scenery is monotonous. You will find the most beautiful, most scenic views when you take the back roads. It is advisable to get yourself an off-road vehicle that doesn’t limit you to major roads only. Using back roads and off-roads will most certainly slow you down, but slowing down is one of the reasons we go on road trips. The pleasure in road tripping is traveling roads less taken, meeting new people, seeing new places, and discovering hidden treasures.

2. Drive a classic route

Driving a classic route will give you a mega adrenaline rush, push you beyond your limits as you know them and earn you a place on the list of legendary drivers in history. This is something every passionate driver should experience at least once in their lifetime. Every country has at least one classic road for epic road-tripping- what is your excuse?

Explore these classic routes around the world:

Route 66 on America’s west coast: This is one of the most famous and epic roads in the world. It starts in Chicago, passes through 8 different states, and, after spanning over 2,400 miles, terminates in Santa Monica, California.

The Skeleton Coast in Namibia: The Skeleton Coast is twice as big as Germany. It is home to dozens of game reserves, private conservancies, and national parks. With so much to see, a road trip through The Skeleton Coast takes most drivers at least 15 days.

Snowdonia, the UK: This route allows you to explore 823 square miles of diverse landscapes, including Wales’ largest national park and biggest lake. The route is a 90-minute drive from Liverpool.

Grimsel Pass, Switzerland: This one is a 24 miles long alpine pass. It is defined by jaw-dropping tunnels, towering granite walls, a breathtakingly beautiful mountain, and hazy blue water reservoirs.

3. If it catches your eye, it is always worth getting a closer look

Take advantage of the flexibility and spontaneity that road trips present to slow down and get up close and personal with each scenery and neighborhood. If something catches your eye during your road trip, don’t ignore it. It could be an unknown or underrated treasure, it could be nothing worth your time, but there is only one way to know- get a closer look! You could be passing up on the most rewarding experiences of your life if you choose to ignore eye-catching sceneries. What’s more, legendary explorers such as Vasco Da Gama made names for themselves by looking into what a normal person would not.

4. Pamper yourself

Road tripping is a vacation just like any other; you need to pamper yourself. Add some relaxation and tranquility as a part of your road trip adventures. If you come across a yoga studio, get in and get your body moving. If there is a spa along your route, stop for a relaxing massage or a bubble bath. When exploring Snowdonia, be sure to visit one of these top spas in Liverpool to get your lymphatic system stimulated for a more energized, less tiresome road trip.

5. If there are national parks on your route, don’t just pass by

Explore national parks in the area, as these can be great side trips! If you're traveling to the States, get a U.S. national park pass. The pass costs 80 dollars, but there are discounts available for different groups of people; for example, military members and their dependents can receive free passes. A few hours in a new park will leave a lasting impression on you!

6. Camp out!

Most people opt to book hotels along their route for accommodation. But you don’t have to if you have an eye for adventure. Get yourself a tent and other camping essentials and set up camps anywhere, whenever you feel like resting. You can camp on the beach, on a campsite, or in a park unless there is a law against it.

7. Pullover regularly and get active

Keep your energy levels high when on a road trip by pulling over every now and then and getting your heart pumping. Find somewhere with a grassy area and, for example, play football or basketball with your friends. If you travel to South America and Africa, it is not uncommon to encounter young adults playing football on the streets or open fields. If you do, ask if you can join them. That will help you make new friends, learn more about the area, and get your heart pumping optimally.

8. Document your trip

Your documentation will come in handy whenever you want to reminisce and fondly look back at your adventurous road trip. So, bring a camera and take as many videos and photos as you can. On top of reliving the awesome moments from your trip, the photos you take enable you to flex and brag about your trip on Instagram.

9. Go local

Going local is more adventurous than many people care to admit. Eat at local establishments, drink in local bars, join local dance groups and immerse yourself fully into local communities. Challenge your preconceptions by interacting with lovely local people, speaking their language and learning to cook their food.

Final word

Road trips can be both enlightening and liberating. Our nine recommendations will definitely make your trip smoother, more enjoyable and more fulfilling. Remember to buy a tiny souvenir along the way!

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