A tropical paradise inside Thermen & Badewelt Sinsheim

A tropical paradise inside Thermen & Badewelt Sinsheim

by Jessica Zen
Stripes Europe

When the weather turns cold and the sun hides for days behind a gloomy gray ceiling, sometimes you need a little getaway. Jobs, kids and budgets can all factor in to the time and money you have to spend on a trip. Instead of dealing with airfare and traveling to another country, stay in Germany and visit an indoor tropical paradise — great weather guaranteed. With 400 real palm trees, water at a constant 93 degrees and orchids galore, you can forget about your winter blues at Thermen & Badewelt Sinsheim.  

This luxurious indoor hideaway has a little something for every visitor. If you want to relax in a sauna, there are eight with various themes, ranging from a koi themed sauna to a Viennese coffeehouse. You can even choose the infusions that are in the sauna. If pouring sweat after exiting the sauna isn’t you favorite part of the day, head straight to the warm foot bath to cut down on the amount of sweat produced.  

After heating up in the sauna, head to Palm Paradise. There’s a delightful lagoon to float in with water that never strays from 93 degrees, despite the cold that rages outside. Sit in one of 53 bubble beds or hit up the pool bar for a tropical cocktail. If you’re really hard up for the sun, lounge in one of the solariums (3 euros for five minutes) and soak up the vitamin D. This will help prevent osteoporosis and relieve acne and dermatitis. If you’d rather not pay extra, find the infrared loungers for some heat to help relax the muscles and strengthen the immune system. There are also four hot tubs and a brine mineral pool that is 18 percent salt. Floating in the water is said to increase circulation and skin metabolism, strengthen the protective function of the skin and relieve the musculoskeletal system.

For the athletically inclined, hit the lap pool for a great exercise. Here you’ll find six lap lanes that are 82-feet long. On sunny days there is even a convertible roof over the pool! Hit up the diving boards for a little extra thrill.        

For the solo traveler this location is great because there are so many ways to relax. Start the day with a workout in the lap pool, then head to one of the saunas to get a good sweat going. After the sauna, recharge in the lagoon to cool off a little. To make the most of your day, finish up with a manicure and a massage. There are various types and length of massages, so one is sure to suit your needs. You survived the holidays, might as well treat yourself!

For couples this location can be a romantic getaway. Schedule a massage together or snuggle up in one of the hot tubs. You can even rent a two-person lounge (ranges from 42 - 75 euros) and know you’ll have a place to come back to after that luxurious massage or soak in the whirlpool. What better way to escape your worries and the cold than lounging under some palm trees?

For families this location is recommended only on Saturdays, as that’s family day. Children over the age of 4 or under the age of 16 are not allowed in the area any other day. For the children under the age of 4, there is a toddler pool. Unless you’re coming here specifically on a Saturday, it’s best to leave the kids with a babysitter and enjoy some adult only time, whether it be as a couple or by yourself.

Maybe you just need to relax after the holidays or maybe you really love swimming; regardless of your reasons, the Thermen & Badewelt Sinsheim is a great place to forget your troubles and unwind. Splurge on the extra spa services and have a fantastic time. Your body and mind will surely thank you!  

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