Touring Tromsø

Northern Lights in Tromsø | Photo by BlueOrangeStudio
Northern Lights in Tromsø | Photo by BlueOrangeStudio

Touring Tromsø

by Jessica Zen
Stripes Europe

Tucked away in northern Norway and cloaked in eternal darkness for the winter, Tromsø is a Christmas village come to life. Twinkling lights, a blanket of snow and the most pleasant locals make for the perfect cold-weather vacation. Book any one or all of these tours while traveling above the Arctic Circle and you’re sure to have a magical time! 

Northern Lights in Norway | Photo by Jessica Zen

Chasing Lights
Tromsø is perhaps best known as the perfect place to view the Northern Lights. Chasing Lights offers the perfect opportunity to do just this! Join the bus tour and head out into the Norwegian wilderness to experience one of the world’s most beautiful natural phenomena. The tour can last anywhere from six to ten hours, depending on how quickly you find the lights. Take off from the city center and drive for up to three hours in search of the lights. The best part about this tour is that all of the pictures taken with the guide’s camera are included in the price. So even if your cell phone doesn’t capture the magical lights, their cameras will! An interesting fact - unless the Northern Lights are incredibly strong, their color cannot be seen with the naked eye. Instead, you can just see a white, wispy looking cloud. However, a decent camera with extended exposure will pick up the colors! 

Husky sled right in Tromsø | Photo by Jessica Zen

Tromsø: Half-Day Husky Sled Drive with Lunch
Where better to learn the art of mushing than in Norway with a team of your own dogs? Get Your Guide offers the perfect half-day of dog sledding tour. You can either ride in the sled or drive your own team of six dogs. The best part is getting to know the dogs, and there are over 200! Play with the puppies or sit around the fire and listen to the dogs “talk.” For lunch, you’ll be served reindeer stew (vegetarian option available). The tour bus will pick you up at the Radisson Blu hotel and drive you approximately 30 minutes to your destination. This tour is well worth the price per person. Now mush!  

From Tromso all-inclusive Whale and Seabird Safari by Boat to Skervøy
If you’re still up for an adventure, consider boarding a boat and going on a whale and bird watching safari. Viator offers a six to seven-hour tour where you will watch for humpback and killer whales. Near Whale Island there is a large population of sea birds to view. Your guide will teach you about local marine life and while you stay nice and cozy in the heated cabin and sip on a hot drink. Of course, should anything of interest be spotted, you can venture out on the deck for a closer look! This tour departs from Scandic Ishavshotel.

After you’ve had enough fun for one day, don’t miss wandering around the downtown area, where you’ll find lots of cozy shops, bars and restaurants serving up some of the freshest seafood you’ve likely ever had! About three days is the perfect amount of time to spend in Tromsø in the winter. Tour the area and learn about its fascinating history and culture while getting to see some amazing sights in the meantime.

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