During the summer months, Europe is a bustling playground of beachgoers, hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts. With crystal clear waters of the Alps and golden, sandy beaches stretched across the Mediterranean, it’s no wonder.
Coupled up and eagerly awaiting the chance to celebrate another year of marital bliss? Should you be celebrating your anniversary in autumn, congratulations! You’re a trendy pair.
Large bustling cities can be overwhelming if you are trying to see the entire thing in one trip, or even one day. Munich, the capital of Bavaria and Germany’s most populous city, is a lot to process all at once.
When I map out our family vacations, we plot out where we’ll be staying, what places and attractions we want to see and ideas on different restaurants we should try. However, there are some places in Europe where it’s easier and more fun to throw caution to the wind and just get lost.
With the return to school underway, summertime crowds in tourist hotspots begin to fade. The weather starts to cool, which means it’s the perfect time to plan your next adventure. Deep in the heart of Italy’s famed Tuscany region is a paradise for art lovers, history buffs and food aficionados.
When the autumn air feels crisper, the days begin to shorten and the leaves turn brilliant shades of gold before fluttering to the ground, I’m always reminded of the harvest season.
Sometimes you just need to wait for the oppressive heat of the summer to fade away before you can truly enjoy some of Europe’s best locations. With a family in tow, avoiding the heat can be even more important, especially with little ones.
Autumn is our favorite time of year in Deutschland. The seasonal specialties in restaurants around town are to die for; trees turn from green to gold to burgundy; and beer and wine flow freely at lively festivals nearly every weekend.
Austria invokes images of sophisticated elegance and quiet refinement. Often seen as an extension of Germany, Austria is more like a genteel cousin with its history, culture and identity.
London’s got Buckingham Palace, Paris can claim Versailles and Saint Petersburg has its Winter Palace. The German state of Baden-Württemberg has a no less stunning entrant in the palace sweeps: the Residenzschloss Ludwigsburg, or Ludwigsburg Palace.
Contemplating your upcoming Black Forest holiday, certain images inevitably spring to mind. Hikes through dense pine forests and past thundering waterfalls. Buying a cuckoo clock from the very craftsman who carved the piece. Feasting on a certain luscious and creamy cherry-chocolate cake.
Named one of the happiest places to live in the U.K., Inverness is situated on the northern coast of Scotland and is the capital and largest city of the Scottish Highlands.
Shopping and eating are some of my favorite pastimes when visiting big cities. Whether you want to find unique souvenirs for loved ones back in the States or nosh on some delicious local eats, street markets are some of the best and most authentic spots to hit up.
The Scottish Highlands are undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in the U.K. The vast, rugged wildland stretches over a large portion of western and northern Scotland.
The spectacular Swiss city of Geneva is a combination of Alpine beauty and bustling metropolitan life. Located on the southern shores of Lac Léman (Lake Geneva) in the southwest corner of Switzerland near the French border, it is the second-largest city in the country.
If you grew up in the states, you might have fond memories of family camping trips. Campgrounds in the USA are often destinations unto themselves, with each spacious, shaded pitch fitted out with a fire pit and picnic table at a minimum.