Top Spots for Italy in Autumn

Lucca's Tree Alley | Photo by Giancarlo Liguori
Lucca's Tree Alley | Photo by Giancarlo Liguori

Top Spots for Italy in Autumn

by Amanda Palumbo
Stripes Europe

Like me, you’re probably used to fall centering around Pumpkin-spiced whatever, Old Navy sweaters and Ugg boots, well cheap knock off Ugg boots for me. Europe in autumn is something truly special. If you’re trying to decide on any last-minute getaways this fall, I would highly recommend Italy. Every part of the country is gorgeous but here are the top three to checkout.


Tuscany is the summer hot spot for tourists. It’s usually crowded, expensive and warm. Tuscany is calmer in the fall and slightly cheaper. The region’s rolling hills of lush green and purple vineyards slowly turn into sweeping views of red and orange. You can swap out your pumpkin patches and apple picking for olives. This is also Tuscany’s harvest time which means "sagra," or food festival. There are festivals for olives, truffles, mushrooms, chestnuts even squids! The area’s tourism website has a full list here.

If you’re wanting that perfect fall photo making friends back home insanely jealous, head to Lucca. In the 16th century, the city built its now-famous walls for protection. Now, they serve as a tree-lined park that transforms into an autumn melody bursting with color. It’s the perfect spot to go for a bike ride or snap this year’s family Christmas card photo.

Trentino's forests & mountains | Photo by jakobradlgruber


If you want to bask in the Alps' autumn artistry, Italy’s northern province is the place to be. Trentino’s forests go through a breathtaking metamorphosis with the leaves turning into a kaleidoscope of burnt orange and gold while nestled in front of the snow-capped mountains. When all of this reflects off the area’s many lakes, you feel like you’re walking through Claude Monet’s painting, Autumn Effect, which was technically inspired by Argenteuil, France. Perhaps Monet hadn’t made it that far south to see Trentino’s fall foilage which would put Argenteuil to shame.

While the landscape often steals the show in the fall, let the sun dip below the horizon and look up to the sky. Autumn nights in Trentino are crisp and clear. Just as the sun meets the moon, thousands of stars will illuminate the purple and dark blue backdrop. It’s a camper’s dream come true.

View of the Mediterranean Sea from Taormina, Sicily | Photo by Roman Babakin


That first fall cold snap can be jarring and have you wishing for a return of summer. You’ll be depressingly waiting through winter for that to happen. But, you can head south to the island west of Italy’s boot, Sicily. In mid-October, the temperature can still easily climb into the 70s. While it may be too cold to don your bikini and splash in the ocean, you can still sport that sundress you bought on sale at the end of Summer, all while sipping a glass of Malvasia, pairing it with tiramisu.

Sicilians know how to ring in the fall season. Every year it’s celebrated with Ottobrata Zafferanese, the island’s fall festival. Each Sunday, a different autumn harvest food is featured. This year the program includes a Grape Festival, an Etna Apple Festival, a Mushroom and Honey Festival and the Chestnut and Wine Festival. I think I could spend the whole month in the “Tuscany of the South.”

For a fall getaway in Italy, you’ll see air and hotel prices drop around mid-October. They’re practically a steal in November if you don’t mind Italy’s rainiest month. While these three regions are my picks for fall, Italy doesn’t have a bad destination for the autumn season.




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