Take a day trip to Bodenmais

Village of Bodenmais
Village of Bodenmais

Take a day trip to Bodenmais

by Jessica Zen
Stripes Europe

Lush green forests delicately draped in winter’s finest blanket of snow invite outdoor enthusiasts of all ages to experience a wonderland in Bodenmais. This quaint town in the Bavarian Forests sits in the Zeller Valley and is the perfect place for a day trip if you’re located in Bavaria region or Stuttgart area.


The landscape at Bodenmais calls to visitors to take magnificent hikes through the trees or go racing down the local ski hill. With only 3,500 people living here, it’s the perfect winter escape away from the crowds that the Alps draw.

The king of the Bavarian hills, the Great Arber, stands tall at 4,776 feet. All levels of ski run difficulties are available here, from bunny hills to more challenging runs at the peak. This family-friendly ski location has a children’s ski area with conveyor belts and 14 ski and snowboard schools. Take this fabulous opportunity to teach younger skiers the basics! There is also a gondola and two six-seater chairlifts. This area is also idea for cross-country skiing trails and ski touring.

If skiing isn’t for you but you just can’t get enough of the crisp mountain air laced with the scent of pine, utilize the 49 miles of rolling maintained hiking trails. The glittering snow and nature’s finest ice sculptures are sure to dazzle walkers. Try the Oberlohwies-Riedlberg-Mais circular route. This easy hike takes about 3 hours and is 5.7 miles long, with an opportunity to stop for refreshments halfway. Other activities available include snowshoeing or a forest toboggan run.

After you’ve frozen your toes and maybe your cheeks, head to Silberberg Bathing and Sauna Park to warm up. Their new indoor panoramic pool overlooks the forest and offers vacationers and ideal location for rest, relaxation and refreshments. Children can splash in the fun area while adults can enjoy the sauna park.

For an incredibly unique dining experience, visit Böhmhof-Alm, one of Germany’s smallest restaurants. This tiny location only seats four people. What it lacks in size, it makes up for in food! Here you can get a traditional multi-course Bavarian meal, as well as choose from a selection of special wines, beers and schnapps. You can also have meat or cheese fondue. Make reservations for an intimate date night you won’t soon forget!


Though the town is small, there are many events that draw visitors. The Christkindlanschießen- a tradition that arose in the 17th century, is rooted in legends and folklore about the awakening of nature during the winter. Loud noises created by bells or whips were once used to keep the demons and sinister figures at bay. This event is typically celebrated annually. Should you find yourself in Bodenmais over the New Year, there is a celebration in the marketplace with an open-air dance floor, music and drinks. In January, the JOSKA Glasparadies usually hosts the Festival of Lights. During this time a variety of light shows, fireworks, hot fire shows, laser shows, illuminations and pyro effects take place while a DJ plays party music.


From Stuttgart, Bodenmais is about 4 hours east. Drive time from Bavaria depends on the departure point, but the town is located in the district of Regen, close to the Czech Republic.

Don’t let the cold weather keep you from traveling during the winter. Bundle up and head out to explore new and unknown places. Whether you’re after a leisurely day with the kids or an adrenaline-packed weekend, consider Bodenmais for your holiday time.

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