Take in the beauty of Berchtesgaden National Park

Take in the beauty of Berchtesgaden National Park

by Stripes Staff
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The winter weather is fading away which means springtime is upon us. What better way to welcome the season than taking a day trip to explore a national park? Located along the Austrian border in southern Bavaria, this stunning park offers something for visitors all year and a barrier-free nature encounter. The only Alpine national park in Germany, Berchtesgaden, is home to the Watzmann — the country’s third-highest mountain peak, measuring 2,713 meters tall. The unique flora and fauna helped add this national park to the list of UNESCO biosphere reserves.

Become one with nature

This breathtaking wildlife preserve offers 35 miles of ski slopes. In the summer months, take in the scenery on an electric-powered boat ride on the emerald waters of Königsee. If you enjoy hiking, there are a variety of hiking trails, including family-friendly options,  through dense forests and jagged peaks made famous in the classic movie, “The Sound of Music.”

Soak up some history

For history buffs, take a hike to the Eagle’s Nest (Kehlsteinhaus). Once one of Adolf Hitler’s retreats, this mountain top building was used for exclusive parties and receptions for senior members of the Third Reich. After the Alies overtook the area, the Eagle’s Nest converted into a restaurant, museum and, in the warmer months, a Biergarten.

Around the park

If you want to take home a piece of the local area, Berchtesgadener War — wooden boxes, toys and instruments — are the perfect souvenirs. They’re hand carved and painted as they have been for centuries. You’ll also find many artistically crafted wares made of clay and wood. Visit Lederhosen Stangassigner’s for finely designed and crafted Trachten clothing, including lederhosen, shirts, socks and more.

Time to eat

After a good hike or ski, you’ll likely be famished. Continue to enjoy the spectacular Alpine views over a hearty, Bavarian meal. Some of the restaurants and Austrian snack stations can be reached by vehicle or cable car. Make sure to check the seasonal availability first since some are not open year-round.

This area is also known for having fantastic breweries. There are several that offer tours and tastings. Some also have restaurants serving delicious, local cuisine that pairs exquisitely with their brews. Take a beer hiking or bicycle tour through the area if you really want to expand your knowledge on a variety of Bavarian brewers.

A quick day trip to Berchtesgaden won’t disappoint with its scenic landscapes, history lessons, artsy souvenirs and tasty foods! Whether you want to venture outdoors or indoors, Berchtesgaden has something for everyone.


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