Stiegl: Austria’s favorite brewery


Stiegl: Austria’s favorite brewery

by Jessica Zen
Stripes Europe

Take your beer tasting tour to the next level with a multi-sensory experience at Stiegl Brauwelt in Salzburg. Touch, smell and taste to your heart’s content while learning about the extensive skills that go into the beer brewing craft.

Located within walls of an old malt house, Stiegl offers public and private tours that give insight into the world of beer. During this time, visitors can sample three types of beer and will receive a small gift. Individuals can also explore on their own with an audio guide.

Visit the interactive cinema with a 270-degree view including floor projection. The latest film, “The Nature of Beer” gives an inside look at this delicious amber nectar. You’ll start in the waters of the Untersberg Mountain and go on a journey to the finished product - the Stiegl beer bottle.

Walk through Stiegl Museum, which houses artifacts from centuries prior, like guild crest poles belonging to the brewers and coopers. Listen to master brewers talk about tricks of the trade, ranging from 1492 until today.

Spend some time at the in-house brewery where you can see just how much creativity goes into the making of the beer. The tasting cellar is full of international barrels. Here you can sample beer from a selection of 8,000 bottles from various countries. The barrel-aging cellar holds whiskey, cognac, oak and sherry barrels used to age in-house specialty beers. Don’t miss out sampling specialties like Gmahde Wiesn (beer with a hint of spices and herbs), Christkindl (contains honey) or the Nachtschwärmer (a dark wheat beer with a finishing touch of roasted coffee).

After exploring and learning all about the beer making process, stop for a bite to eat at the Brauwelt restaurant, which serves up both house beers and international varieties. The outdoor beer garden is reminiscent of the old days and is still home to beautiful chestnut trees. In the late 19th century, beer was cooled in cellars using blocks of ice. The cellar floor was covered with white gravel to reflect sunlight and keep the area cool. The cellars were then sealed with dirt and planted with chestnut trees, which have wide roots and provide excellent shade. Relax and enjoy a cold brew in the shade with your friends.

Though the brewery is a great place to spend the day, venture into Salzburg and explore. Take a tour of Fortress Hohensalzburg, the largest fully preserved castle in Central Europe. Wander through the opulent 17th century gardens of Mirabell Palace or check out the Salzburg Cathedral. “The Sound of Music” fans will particularly delight in visiting film locations on the Sound of Music Walking Tour. Listen to a Mozart concert at St. Peter’s Abbey. Window shop on Getreidgasse, a medieval shopping street.

Salzburg has a range of activities to occupy you for days on end. Stiegl Brauwelt is a true paradise for beer lovers and a fantastic stopping point. Sample some amazing beer, learn about the history of brewing and relax in the outdoor beer garden. Here’s to enjoying good friends, sunny weather and traveling across Europe. Prost!

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