Stay in these dreamy, affordable Airbnbs

Stay in these dreamy, affordable Airbnbs

by Mary Del Rosario
Stripes Europe

Airbnbs can be any traveler’s saving grace, especially when on a budget. However, do you find yourself sometimes looking at enchanting castles and gorgeous villas only to realize they are way too out of your price range? To solve this issue, check out this list of affordable, yet dreamy Airbnb places to stay during your European travels.

1. Ancient Greek cave house

Located on the Greek island of Oia, you will find this ancient cave house perfect for the Greek god or goddess in you. This apartment is made for gazing out into the turquoise blue Mediterranean. You will pinch yourself to see if this view is a dream. The apartment can accommodate 2-3 people.

2. St. Pancras Clock Tower Guest Suite

If you’re in London, sit in Sir George Gilbert Scott’s gothic revival railway hotel to feel like you’ve traveled back in time to old-school London town. Because he’s so hospitable, the host is a “superhost.” The location is within walking distance to London’s sights and shops. The accommodation can fit up to four guests.

3. Treehouse in a national park

Call out your inner child when climbing treehouses were cool. Located in Andalusia, Spain, this treehouse is perfect for you and your adventure-seeking travel buddy. Though the cancellation policy is strict, the hosts are “superhosts” due to their friendliness and hospitality. 

4. Charming central one bedroom in Nice

Planning a little trip to Nice or are stopping by during your France road-trip? Stay at this charming apartment with a fabulous view. Eating breakfast out on the balcony will make you feel as if you’re on a fancy European getaway. This Art Deco apartment is conveniently located in the center of Nice and is next to the main shopping street. 

5. Charming apartment overlooking Florence vineyard

Imagine eating spaghetti and sipping wine overlooking a beautiful Italian vineyard thinking how lucky you are to be experiencing this moment. At this Airbnb, you can! Located 20 minutes outside of Florence, enjoy this charming apartment in Chianti that overlooks vineyards and olive groves. The reviews of the owner are all positive, and former guests have been pleased with their stay. 

6. Modern apartment in Iceland

A modernists’ dream, this apartment in Iceland is perfect for those who enjoy nature.  In the winter, you may even be lucky to see the aurora borealis. The accommodation may not be the cheapest on this list, but you’ll enjoy crossing “see the lights” off your bucket list in style.   

7. Container home in Palma de Mallorca

Ever wanted to see how it would feel like to live in a container house? Now you can at this unique house in Palma de Mallorca. If you don’t feel like staying in the loud, touristy part of Mallorca, this location provides the perfect balance between peace and eventful.  The host is also a “superhost.” The house can accommodate two guests.

8. Hobbit House

Calling all Lord of the Rings fans! Try Glamping at an interesting underground hobbit house Frodo would approve of. Located in Pengenfford, UK, this hobbit hole is complete with a modern bathroom, a cozy bedroom and a wood-fired stove. This house can fit two guests.    

9. Exclusive apartment in Croatia

In the quiet residential area of Split, Croatia, you will find this beautiful apartment with views to die for. With a patio big enough for a party of four, you can eat, drink and sunbathe away as you look into the breathtaking view of the ocean. The owner has gotten many great reviews and is another “superhost.” This apartment can accommodate four people.

10.Quaint apartment in Porto

This beautiful apartment in Porto, Portugal belongs to a building with a total of eight apartments to choose from. Located in the historic center of Porto, you’ll have the best time enjoying this vibrant city. Each apartment can accommodate two guests.

Who says staying at a luxurious accommodation needs to cost an arm and a leg? With these Airbnb listings, you can enjoy your vacation in style.  

Tip: These Airbnb accommodations aren’t popular without a reason, so book far in advance to have the best experience!  

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