Spend a day in Würzburg

Würzburg Old Town | Photo by Sergey Dzyuba
Würzburg Old Town | Photo by Sergey Dzyuba

Spend a day in Würzburg

by Shereece Spain
Stripes Europe

It’s easy to get caught up in seeing the major cities in Germany. There are so many choices of dynamic and iconic cityscapes. One would be remiss if they overlooked spending a day in the charming city of Würzburg.


Located in Franconia of northern Bavaria, this gorgeous village is located in the valley near the Main River. It’s surrounded by scenic rolling hills covered in lush grapevines, which means they’re also producers of some fantastic wines. This city offers a vast amount of options of local experiences to enjoy from small original city gates to a large commanding church, and all the things in between.

Würzburg Residence | Photo by Natalia Volkova 


Würzburg Residence - A palace isn’t just a palace. Each has its own distinctive history and architectural elements. This residence is no different. It is unique in that its construction was completed within one generation, whereas most are developed and built over multiple generations and artistic influences. Lying outside the rear of the residence is the phenomenal Hofgarten. It was added to the residence after its completion to include three distinct garden spaces with different designs. Each one is marvelous! You won’t want to miss all of the splendor the residence and its grounds have to offer.

Würzburg Cathedral - Unlike some ancient cathedrals, this one still conducts regular church services. Visitors are still welcome to go in and admire its style. You can visit the Museum am Dom to learn more about the history and hidden treasures it holds.

Röntgen Memorial – For you science enthusiasts, be sure to pay a visit to this site which honors Dr. Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen, the man who discovered and coined the term “x-ray.” It is free to visit the memorial museum if you’re not taking the tour.

Bürgerspital Weinstuben - Enjoy a traditional Franconian meal and regional wines at this popular restaurant. Their motto of “tradition meets modernity” shows in the decor and dishes. If you enjoy wine, indulge in a “winetail” with your meal. It’s a unique combination of wine and a cocktail. I highly recommend a reservation to secure your seats, especially if you’d like to experience dining inside a wine barrel.

Old Main Bridge | Photo by meinzahn

Old Main Bridge - This was the first bridge built to cross the Main River. You’ll know it by its unique arched construction and the prominent statues. From the bridge, you experience special views of the cityscape to one side and the Fortress Marienberg to the other.

Marienberg Fortress - While you’re on the west side of the Main River, head up to tour this fortress overlooking Würzburg. The fortress walls were originally erected to protect the town’s first church. The best time of the year to visit is April through October. There are two museums in the fortress to learn more about the city’s history.


The drive to Würzburg is northeast of Stuttgart (around one hour and 45 minutes) and Hohenfels (around three hours); west of Vilseck (about two hours) and Grafenwöhr (about two hours and 30 minutes). Marktgarage is the largest place to park. The residence also has its own parking area as well. Taking the train is also an option. You have the Würzburg Hauptbahnhof or Süd stations to choose from. Either way, you decide to arrive in the city, I recommend walking if you’re able. Most everything is under a mile walk.


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