Solo Adventures: Joining an adult sports league or club

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Solo Adventures: Joining an adult sports league or club

by Tamala Malerk
Stripes Europe

I used to hate going places by myself. Moving to Germany added to those hesitations because upon arriving I didn’t know much German. It also meant that I had no one to go places with as I left everyone I knew (besides my spouse) behind in the States.

With my near non-existent German speaking skills, I have learned techniques to navigate around alone. Google Maps lets me know what bus or train stop to get on and off from. The English language option on the ticket machines allows me to purchase and pay for my public transportation and parking garage tickets. Free language translation apps allow me to translate food menus and signs as well as let me figure out phrases to communicate with others.

Armed with these tools and my longing to get out of the house, the idea of solo adventures came to me. Every month, we will present a new way to get out and venture Germany all alone. This month, we are talking about joining an adult sports league.

Some of my happiest childhood memories are from the eight years I spent as a cheerleader. While I never cheered at more than a regional level, I assumed that after a certain age, I couldn’t cheer or play on any other sports team anymore, especially not here in Germany. I was wrong. Sports are a great way to get out and meet people outside of school and work as well as have some fun while you get in a good workout. Whether you are a seasoned player or looking to try something new, the KMC area has something for you.


Roller Derby: If the idea of picking a sassy nickname and track persona, putting on a pair of roller skates and fighting against jammers, blockers and pivoters to make your way around the track sounds like a fun time, roller derby is for you. The Kaiserslautern Derby League has openings for experienced players as well as for those who can’t even skate (affectionately called “Fresh Meat”). They even have referee, official and volunteer spots for those seeking to avoid the full-contact sport but still be a part of the team. Find out more about joining the league by clicking here

Cycling: Hop on your bike and join KMC Cycling to take part in “racing, group rides, community involvement or social events centered on cycling.” They also hold bi-weekly meetings in Landstuhl.

Running: If you are more of a solo athlete, but like to be surrounded by others challenging you to reach your PR (personal record), or just looking for others who enjoy running, KMC Runners is worth looking into. The group runs every Saturday at the Seewoog Park in Ramstein-Miesenbach.

Soccer: There are quite a few options in the KMC area for adults who love soccer. For those looking for casual pick-up games with no commitment, KMC Pick-up Soccer might be just what you are looking for. For those seeking to play at a more competitive level, ProSoc Academy has men’s and women’s teams for all military members, dependents and DoD employees. There is also a unit-level soccer league offered by Kaiserslautern MWR.  Ramstein FSS also offers intramural soccer.

American Football: Kaiserslautern MWR offers unit-level intramural football for those wishing to live out their quarterback fantasies. They also offer flag football for those who like football without the full contact. Ramstein FSS also offers squadron intramural flag football.

Ice Hockey: Grab your skates and join the KMC Eagles on their novice, intermediate or advanced team in this league for military members from all branches, DoD civilians, DoD contractors, NATO and local nationals ages 16 and up. Keep in mind you must have basic ice-skating skills to join the league. Find out more about joining the league by clicking here

Basketball: Kaiserslautern MWR offers intramural unit-level Basketball so you can get on the court and live out all your Space Jam dreams.  

Outdoor Adventuring: If fishing, hunting, archery and sport shooting are how you like to spend your free time, think about joining up with the KMC Outdoorsmen. Their Facebook page shares information on instructional courses, trips, events and competitions.

Volleyball: Kaiserslautern MWR offers intramural unit-level volleyball.

Skiing and Snowboarding: If the snowy hills are calling your name and you want to try new trails with a group of others who love winter sports just as much as you, the Tannenbaum Ski Club might be for you. They even hold social events in the off-season to keep the camaraderie going. While not affiliated with the Department of Defense, the TSC “was created for persons with a military affiliation in or around the Kaiserslautern Military Community. [They] welcome active duty, retired, civilian, contractor, or family members located within the community.”

Softball: Kaiserslautern MWR offers an intramural unit-level softball league

Bowling Leagues: If a sport where you get to strike out big is more your style, think about joining one of the on-base bowling leagues: Baumholder, Ramstein and Vogelweh, and Panzer. Food, drinks and various social events are on the schedule to ensure everyone has a fun time.


*Know before you go: Not all clubs and leagues suggested are affiliated with the DoD. Check with each organization’s websites for information about seasonal try-outs, fees and game schedules. Inclusion of an organization is not an endorsement by Stars and Stripes.



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