Sleep in a luxury wine barrel in Portugal

Photo by redcharlie
Photo by redcharlie

Sleep in a luxury wine barrel in Portugal

by Jessica Zen
Stripes Europe

Imagine yourself waking from a dream as a light breeze tickles your skin and the sun shines in on your cozy bed. When you meander outside, you are surrounded by a thriving vineyard and numerous oversized wine barrels. The best part is that the wine barrels are luxury suites and you are staying in the heart of Portugal’s Douro Wine Region!

The Quinta da Pacheca estate is an in-demand vacation destination for wine lovers but was once one of the first properties to bottle wine under its own label. It dates back to 1738 and is so much more than just wine barrel suites. Here you’ll find a restaurant, tasting room, hotel, vineyard and the wine barrel suites, all wrapped up into one perfect location. The restaurant offers tempting treats from traditional Portuguese cuisine. Each culinary concoction is paired with the perfect glass of wine to enhance the flavor adventure. During your stay, drinking wine before, after and during dinner is highly recommended. When you’re not at the hotel, visit the tasting room for a sample of the various wines produced. You can also sample locally made jam and olive oils.

When the estate expanded and added 10 wine barrel suites in 2018, there was nothing but good things coming their way. Wine lovers from around the world can now stay in the charming wine cask cabins that feature a large glass window leading out to a patio that overlooks the vineyard. The lux barrels also feature a walk-in shower in the private bathroom, a round bed, air conditioning and a skylight for some serious star gazing.

In addition to the barrel suites, the Wine House Hotel also offers a lodging option at the same location. Per the hotel’s website, “it is geared towards gastronomic and oenological tourism, combining the modern and avant-garde image with sobriety and elegance.” The 140-acre property won the “Wine Tourism Award with Accommodation,” indicating that a stay at this divine location will not leave you wanting.

Staying in this amazing location is truly a wine lover’s dream. Save up for this trip and make it one you’ll never forget! Wine barrel suites run anywhere between 130 to 330 euros a night, depending on the season. 


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