It’s a bright and shiny new year, with goals to set and countless opportunities to take on fresh challenges. Should your tastes lean toward speed, heights or physical exertion, why not put one of these out-of-the ordinary experiences on your to-do list for 2022?
Although the phrases “for your future travels” or “when it’s safe to travel again” may have become common refrains while writing about European destinations, we can’t help but continue to dream and make plans for where we want to travel.
U.S. federal holidays give us first and foremost an opportunity to recognize important dates and outstanding Americans, their achievements and their legacies.
The soaring cost of fuel, exorbitant parking fees and harrowing winter driving conditions are only a few reasons to leave the car at home and find an alternate means of travel s this winter.
Breathtaking and otherworldly, that is how it feels to step out of the stone tunnel and into the historical town of Monemvasia, Greece. This car-free town is located on the Peloponnese, about a four-hour drive from Athens and was built carved into the rock facing the sea.
Romania has long been a hidden treasure in Eastern Europe. With majestic mountain ranges, glass-like lakes and villages that appear to be straight out of a fairy tale, it’s no wonder this spectacular country is emerging as a must-visit destination.
When planning a snowy getaway, the first place many look to is The Alps. And, rightfully so as the Alps are beautiful with lots of things to do but let’s face it, The Alps are expensive.
Austria is undeniably a beautiful country to visit no matter the time of year. However, once snow falls on the Alps, Christmas markets adorn enchanting cities and warm drinks enter your stomach, winter in Austria will be one of your favorite things.
Umpteen centuries ago, travelers heading east along the Neckar River would have reached a small, rather unremarkable settlement. At this juncture, two major trade routes diverged, and our wanderers would have needed to decide which way to go.
Germany is known for cold, dreary winters, which are brightened considerably by the warmth and cheer of traditional village Weihnachtsmärkte and New Year’s Eve celebrations.
As the beginning of a new year rapidly approaches, the days are often filled with last-minute shopping, crowds and the yearning to get one more quick trip in before the close of the year. Straddling the border of France and Germany in the heart of the Alsace wine region is Strasbourg.
With the last-minute shopping frenzy to find the perfect holiday gift in full swing, area Christmas markets are sure to be crowded. Escape the crowds and take a stroll through the illuminated landscape of the Berlin Botanical Garden.
Every time I visit the city of Trier, I inevitably find myself making a stop at Weinstube Kesselstatt.
Lush green forests delicately draped in winter’s finest blanket of snow invite outdoor enthusiasts of all ages to experience a wonderland in Bodenmais.
There are many benefits of taking the train during holiday travel. Ride along and visit with family and friends without having to coordinate cars or navigate crowded roads. Enjoy the beautiful scenery. Tend to infants and toddlers without frequent pit stops.