Edinburgh at nightfall | Photo by Ionut David
Edinburgh at nightfall | Photo by Ionut David

Scotland in fall: 3 cities to visit

by Megan Waterhouse
Stripes Europe

Scotland is a gorgeous country to visit any time of the year, but fall makes the following cities the perfect backdrop for your autumn adventures!


The capital of Scotland, Edinburgh, has a population of about 453,000. Known for its artistic flavor and chilly autumn weather, Edinburgh offers several worthwhile activities. The Underground Vaults Tour is perfect for all you history buffs out there! The vaults date back to the 18th century and a tour guide who is knowledgeable about this spooky place leads this hour-long tour. Starting at 13 euros per person, this tour is all about the murders, witches and people who made this place famous. For ticket information, visit this website.

If you’re looking for something a little more refined, check out The Britannica. The royal family’s former palace on water, this ship is the definition of high class. Used for events such as family vacations, honeymoons and royal receptions, this ship served the Queen and her family for 44 years. Exploring the tearoom, exercise deck and numerous other rooms is an extravagant way to escape the chilly weather. Tickets start at approximately 18 euros for admission. For more info on all there is to see on the ship, visit the official website

Stirling Castle | Photo by Anastasia Yakovleva 


The original capital of Scotland, Stirling has a population of about 36,000. A city of incredible history as well, Stirling Castle is a must-see. Tickets are cheapest online; adults are charged 16 euros and children about 9 euros. The castle offers guided tours, three separate gift shops and a café for food and beverages called The Unicorn Café. This castle prides itself on being accessible to all and more information can be located on their website.  


Sunset over the River Tay in Perth | Photo by ossiridian 


Situated on the River Tay, with a population of around 47,000, Perth has been dubbed “Scotland’s newest city.” Ranked and reviewed highly here is Abernathy Village, a local museum. The goal of this museum is to preserve as much of the 18th century village as possible. Along with the physical buildings of the museum, historians also collected memories of the villagers who lived there through photography. For more information regarding exhibits and such, check out the museum website.

If you add these cities to your fall bucket list, it is sure to be a memorable season!


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