Satisfy your need for speed at Hockenheimring

Satisfy your need for speed at Hockenheimring

by Allie Smeeth
Stripes Europe

Do you have what it takes to be a race car driver? Well. If you want to test your skills, Hockenheimring is the place for you. Whether you decide to take part in the solo-driving experiences or watch one of the many motor races, servicemembers and their families will experience the thrill of driving like never before.


Initially created for the town of Hockenheim, Ernst Christ’s rink has become world-renowned. Since its 1930 opening, the Hockenheimring’s track and seating arena has been remodeled numerous times. These reconfigurations have created today’s arena, which can entertain up to 120,000 spectators at a time! 

Triangular course: After obtaining support, construction for Hockenheim’s first triangular rink began on March 23, 1932. After two months of building, the track hosted its first motorcycle race on May 23. The opening of this rink greatly impacted the town of Hockenheim and the world of racing. 

Oval course: Once the rink turned six, the foundation decided to do a little remodeling. This revamping resulted in the rink’s Ostkurve or oval rink. The Ostkurve was not only wider than the original track, it was also safer. The increased width of the track enabled racers to travel at higher speeds, and also provided spectators with better views of the course. 

Obeying the law: In the early 1960s, Hockenheimring got another makeover. This reconfiguration was brought on because of the town’s Mannheim-Walldorf motorway. The new motorway rearranged the layout of the road to Stuttgart, Karlsruhe, Walldorf and Heilbronn. This highway’s system circled the rink, which caused Christ to come up with a new track. Christ’s system incorporated a new Motodrom, which provided a better venue for guests and competitors. 

Man vs. nature: Although the updated rink provided a spacious environment for racers and spectators, the state of the path route was problematic. At the time, the track dipped in the woods, which made it difficult for guests to observe the races. To eliminate this issue, the Hockenheimring Besitz company put in a request for funding to expand the track. After gaining approval, construction began. Despite being two kilometers shorter than the original, Hockenheimring has continued to entertain spectators and provide a safe driving atmosphere for racers. 


Each year Hockenheimring hosts a variety of racing events. Today, the rink has hosted events including the 1000 km, DMT, motorcycle and public performance races. Hockenheimring also has a long history of hosting one of the most entertaining driving events of the year, Formula One! 

Formula One: Since 1970, spectators have flocked to Hockenheim to take part in Formula One. In 1995, Michael Schumacher was the first German to take home the Formula One title in 56 years. Schumacher won six more times before retiring in 2012. His 16-year-old son, Mick, has debuted on junior circuits and may reach Formula One in the coming years. Note: Unfortunately, there is currently no Formula One event schedule for 2017.

The need for speed: During NitrOlympX, spectators experience the rush of dragsters hitting speeds up to 500 km/h. Once the afternoon events are over, stick around for the Saturday night show. During the event, drivers perform various stunts and ignite the sky with colorful flames from their tires.

The oldies: Travel back in time during the annual Hockenheimring Classic event, happening each September. Throughout the afternoon, spectators can observe old motorcycles and sidecars race along the track. After the show, make sure to stop by and get autographs from the drivers.

Ready, set, go: Test your driving skills during the annual Public Race days each August. During you three-lap race on the track, you have the opportunity to compete against other drivers. Once the races are over, winners are recognized.

Inline skating: Spice up your Tuesday evenings by taking part in Hockenheimring’s very own inline skating activities. During this weekly event, at least 4,000 skaters take to the rink for a fun and exciting evening. Started as a way to get families moving, this skating exploration will provide guests of all ages with an enjoyable and electrifying experience. 

Once you have completed a couple of laps, gather around a table at the Après-Skate and treat yourself to a refreshment or two. 

Biking adventure: If biking is your forte, Hockenheim’s annual Circuit Cycling event is for you. During this 10- to 15-lap race, attendees are challenged to break the event’s highest speed record, which currently sits at 45 kilometers per hour.

Jam out: Each year, Hockenheimring puts on two rocking concerts! At each event, spectators have the opportunity to gather on the rink and hear various rock groups perform. During these events, guests are welcome to stay at the three camping areas circling the rink. 

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Motor-Sport-Museum: Home to Europe’s largest collection of motorbikes, Hockenheimring’s museum is a must see. As you travel through the complex, take a look at the variety of race cars including the Zakspeed, ATS and Minardi. 

If you want to learn a little more about the history of the rink, make sure to watch one of the cinema showings of the museum’s historical film. 

Get in the driver’s seat at the museum’s very own race car simulator. This thrilling ride will allow you to experience the rush and excitement racers feel behind the wheel. 

First class treatment: Explore Hockenheimring in style during a 90-minute tour. As you wander through the rink, you will have the opportunity to take your own vehicle for a spin on the track, get an aerial view on the podium, and get a perfect view of the opposite end of the track on the Mercedes Grandstand and so much more! Tours are available every day starting at 11 a.m. 

Something for everyone

Whether you have set foot on a race track before or not, Hockenheimring events and activities will satisfy your need for speed. 

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