Riga: What you didn’t see on The Bachelorette

Riga: What you didn’t see on The Bachelorette

by Megan Waterhouse
Stripes Europe

You may recognize Riga as the backdrop to one of the most dramatic weeks of this season of “The Bachelorette," but do you know what this quaint city has to offer?

Riga Central Market
This market is the perfect place to experience Latvian culture in one, centralized location. Located in World War II German airline hangars, visitors can taste local delicacies such as fried lampreys and rye bread. The website guarantees that it is home to the widest assortment of Latvian food and depending on the season, different dishes are sold. If traditional recipes aren’t tickling your fancy, you can explore the red brick architecture of nearby warehouses.

Fruits and Vegetables at City Market in Riga

Three Brothers, Riga
Three Brothers is the oldest housing complex in Riga. Comprised of three houses, it now is home to the Latvian Museum of Architecture which is free to visit. It showcases gothic architecture and displays the development of architecture over time in Latvia. The website gives an extensive history on the building as well as information on all exhibits within the museum.  A highlighted exhibit is called “Raven’s Nest” and revolves around Oļģerts Krauklis and his modernist architecture.

Laima Chocolate Museum
If you’re not quite adventurous enough for the Latvian dishes sold at the market, this museum of chocolate is a milder adventure for your taste buds. The museum offers guided tours in Latvian and Russia as well as audio guides for other languages such as English. If you are feeling extra creative on your visit, check out the chocolate workshop where you will craft your own delicious creation. The workshop takes place in groups and registration is required prior to visitation. For more information on the workshop and all activities offered at the museum, visit their website.

House of the Blackheads (Riga, Latvia)

Vērmanes Garden
In the center of the city, lies Riga’s second oldest park, Vērmanes Garden. It is named after a local widow, Anna Gertrud Vērmane, who donated a large portion of the money raised to build this park. The largest piece of architecture is the four-season fountain surrounded on all sides by a walking path. There is also a large outdoor stage where concerts and chess matches are held frequently. For more information on this gorgeous public park, visit their website.

If you visit these local hot spots, you are sure to enjoy your time in Riga and experience the uniqueness of Latvian culture.


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