A quick Airbnb vs. hotel comparison

Photo by Sheldon Nunes
Photo by Sheldon Nunes

A quick Airbnb vs. hotel comparison

by Emma Bareihs
Stripes Europe

Traveling in Europe poses the inevitable question of where to stay. With thousands of options, it is easy to get overwhelmed, especially with the latest matter of choosing to stay in an Airbnb or hotel. Both options have their pros and cons, and it is hard to decide what is better for your stay, so we broke down some of the stand-out differences.


One of the greatest advantages of staying in an Airbnb is the opportunity for a large family or group to stay under the same roof. Although there is the option to rent a room and share the common spaces, many listings offer a full house rental. The benefits of a full house include a kitchen to make your own meals, especially good for travelers with food allergies or people not keen to trying local food, and common spaces for a family or group to spend time together.

Another great opportunity an Airbnb provides is to live like a local. As opposed to staying in a hotel in a central area, these apartments or houses are mainly off the main road and have a charming local atmosphere to them. Often, the host will recommend their personal favorite places to eat or visit nearby, to avoid congested tourist areas.

The largest disadvantage to some will be the little to none included services. While the hosts are mostly available on call, you won’t have a maid cleaning up after you or a bellhop to carry your luggage up the stairs.


If you’re looking for a more serviced option, a hotel stay is best for you. Get instant assistance with a short call to the front desk. Centrally located, hotels are a good fit if you’re not looking for a far travel into city centers. With hotels, you are likely to swap the full kitchen for a kitchenette. The bright side is that there is probably a restaurant connected to the hotel, or many nearby.

With most hotel options, you will lose the opportunity to live like a local. Another downside is having to book several rooms for a large group.

While the traditional traveler is accustomed to finding a hotel, go outside of your comfort zone to live like a local with Airbnb. But, if you want more facilities and service, a hotel might be the better fit. While the question of the cheapest housing option is still in debate, it is up to you to decide what amenities are more important for your stay.  Take a deep look at the hotels and Airbnb rooms available to you to understand what each has to offer in the given location. Choosing the most suitable fit will hopefully improve the experience of your trip.

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