Pumpkin patches across Germany

Pumpkin patches across Germany

by Courtney Woodruff
Stripes Europe

Closing my eyes, I can still see my childhood street all dressed up for Halloween —pretty wreaths decorated with colorful dry leaves, fibrous strands of artificial spider webs and glowing jack-o-lanterns grinning from the twilight shadows of every other neighbor’s front porch.

Each year, my sister and I looked forward to carving pumpkins with my dad. We would help by picking out the perfect gourd at the local grocery store. Then, we would carry it home to scoop out the gooey orange insides, so he could carve a toothy smile where its face should be. We couldn’t wait to bring our jack-o-lantern out to the driveway together, where we would fit it with a tea light and watch it come to life.

Even though Halloween is not as celebrated in Europe as it is in the U.S., pumpkins are still a symbolic and nostalgic part of fall across Germany. To carry on an old family tradition — or to make a new one with children of your own — look for a pumpkin patch near you.


Jerry’s Pumpkin Patch

Address: Lohweg 7, 92367 Litzlohe

Note: if using a GPS, you will arrive at the patch approximately 1 kilometer before reaching the destination.


  • Pick-your-own pumpkins
  • Hayrides on Saturdays and holidays, weather permitting


Hitscherhof Pumpkin Farm

Address: Hitscherhof 3, 66506 Maßweiler


  • Farm store with décor and edible pumpkins
  • Cut-your-own flower garden
  • Corn maze
  • Golf
  • Annual festival

Sunshine Pumpkin Farm

Address: Adam-Müller-Straße 11, 66894 Gerhardsbrunn


  • Pick-your-own pumpkin patch
  • Hayrides
  • Farm tours (available by appointment - call: 06375-5852)
  • Annual festival


Goldgrun Pumpkin Farm

Address: Neustraße 1, 65598 Hünfelden-Mensfelden

Note: The patch is 1 kilometer from the main road (417 Limburg–Wiesbaden).


  • Farm shop
  • Corn maze
  • Golf


Ludwigsburg Pumpkin Festival

Address: Mömpelgardstr. 28, 71640 Ludwigsburg

Entry: View current admission fees on the Blühendes Barock Ludwigsburg website.


  • Pumpkin sculptures
  • Pumpkin carving
  • Pumpkin smashing
  • Pumpkin canoe regatta
  • German and European pumpkin weigh offs
  • Taste of Pumpkins culinary event
  • Live music
  • Straw castle
  • Storytelling
  • Souvenir shop

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