Picturesque Positano

Picturesque Positano

by Mary Del Rosario
Stripes Europe

Multi-colored terracotta houses perched atop a cliff with the beautiful, cerulean Mediterranean hugging the edges and bougainvillea cascading down restaurants and shops — what sounds like a picture-perfect dream is actually reality when you travel to Positano, a dazzling, cliffside village along Italy’s Amalfi Coast.

What to do
Since Positano is an ideal city for walking, meander down the winding roads and note the places you’d want to visit. Stumbling across a cute café while aimlessly walking through unmarked roads always make the best memories. Not really the walking type? Rent a scooter instead to capture the best views and coastline. Don’t forget to take your camera as Positano boasts the most stunning views.

If you’re into the art scene, check out the art galleries — both eclectic and traditional, sprinkled across the village. The notable galleries are Art and Craft Gallery and Absolute Positano. If you like shopping, be on the lookout for hand-made, leather sandals and linen clothes as these are the two gifts unique to Positano.

For those who love adventure, rent a boat and explore the open, blue Mediterranean. Positano Boats lets you rent a boat with or without a sailor, but it is highly recommended you opt for a skipper on board if you have no experience at sea. If you’re not comfortable with renting a boat, book a sunset cruise and see colorful hues of orange and red light up the sky. Since you’re out at sea, a site that shouldn’t be skipped are the grottos to include the Green, White and Emerald grottos. These picturesque caves are near Positano along the Amalfi coast and are reached via boat. Other water activities include stand up paddling (SUP), parasailing and kayaking.

Though Positano may not be known for its nightlife, the wine scene won’t disappoint because when does it ever in Italy? After a few glasses of wine and refreshing limoncello, take your sun-kissed self to Music on the Rocks, a nightclub that’s literally dug into the rock at the end of Spiaggia Grande, a popular beach. 

The best thing about the Amalfi coast is its proximity to other neighboring villages. The ferry from Positano to Capri is a popular route many take to experience all that this side of Italy has to offer. The Positano Capri ferry route is operated by three ferries and some companies can travel up to seven times per day.  

A beach in Positano

Best beaches
In Positano, there are no shortages of jaw-dropping beaches. Whether you’re looking for a secluded area or are wanting to mingle with other beachgoers, these are the top beaches to put on your itinerary.

  • Spaggia Grande - Known as the “large beach,” this easily recognizable beach is known for its colorful rows of umbrellas dotted along the shore. In the middle of this beach is the spaiaggi ibera or free beach where you don’t need to pay to rent an umbrella or chair. Be sure to bring your beach towel!
  • Fornillo Beach - This small and secluded beach is away from the Positano dock and can be reached by the Strada Statale.
  • Arienzo Beach - It is known as the “300 steps beach” because there are exactly that many steps beach goers need to climb down to reach it.
  • Marina Grande Beach - One of the livelier beaches in the area. Music on the Rocks is also located here.
  • Laurtio Beach - This small beach is Postiano’s best-kept secret and is popular among the locals. There are also two beach restaurants.

Food and drinks to try
Stated by the obvious, one can’t go to Italy and not devour all the pizza and pasta to their heart’s content, but Positano offers more to please the palette! While you’ve eaten your fifth pizza slice of the day, don’t forget these must-try foods as well!

  • Lemon sorbet – The best can be found at Covo dei Saraceni Hotel.
  • Seafood pasta – Served with fresh prawns, mussels octopus and mussels.
  • Risotto – The one in La Terra serves their seafood risotto in a crispy parmesan tortilla.
  • Cornetto – Similar to a croissant but is softer and has less butter.
  • Pizza – Really, you can’t go wrong in any restaurant you order.

Whether you make a stop on your Amalfi coast expedition or want to flock to a warm and dreamy getaway — the picturesque village of Positano will not disappoint!

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