The photos that make you get on a plane

Lake Bled in Slovenia | Photo by fesus
Lake Bled in Slovenia | Photo by fesus

The photos that make you get on a plane

by Karen Bradbury
Stripes Europe

I am sure there are countless others, just like me, for whom one of the greatest joys in life is seeing as much of this flawed but beautiful world as their time or money allows. Like those of similar mindsets, I adore reading travel articles of all types, from polished pieces in esteemed British publications to clunky self-published blogs that drip with emotion. While good writing has the capacity to transport me to a sun-drenched terrace overlooking the sea as I sip a spritzy aperitivo, it’s often been the glimpse of a single photographic image that’s compelled me to start making my bookings. Here are three of the many images that have moved me to travel over the years.

Monastery of Meteora | Photo by aruns911

Meteora, Greece

On my first trip to Greece, we stayed in a halfway decent coastal resort some 20 miles on the outskirts of Athens. Having decided that to see much of anything, a rental car was in order, we visited the onsite travel agent’s office, where a poster of the monastery of Meteora decorated the wall. I longed to see those stones stretching out of the earth like pudgy grey alien fingers immediately, but it was much too far from Athens to serve as a day-trip destination. Two years later, I managed to make it there as part of a solo trip.

Lake Bled in Slovenia | Photo by anahtiris

Lake Bled, Slovenia

The photo of a small green island with its red-roofed church and elegant spire in the impossibly deep blue waters of Lake Bled is an iconic image gracing the cover of many an eastern European travel guide. I first stumbled upon this photo while surfing the internet around 2003. I made it the centerpiece of travels to Slovenia for an Easter break of that same year.

Waterfront homes in Symi, Greece | ianwool

Symi, Greece

An image of golden and pastel-hued houses perched on an island’s steep hill reached me by means of an internet newsletter from the Greek tourist board. Quick research revealed the island was just a short ferry ride from Rhodes, to which a friend had recently traveled and raved about. That was all I needed to be sold on it as my next travel destination, and within weeks, I was walking Symi’s craggy coastline.

What are the photos that have compelled you to travel?






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