A Nordic adventure: Norway

A Nordic adventure: Norway

by Jessica Zen
Stripes Europe

Tucked up north amongst several seas is a country packed with spectacular beauty and views of aurora borealis that will blow your mind. Keeping this in mind, consider booking a trip to Norway as soon as possible. This Scandinavian destination is full of breathtaking natural wonders from the world’s second deepest fjord, or inlet, to Europe’s deepest lake. Add “try lutefisk” to your travel bucket list and head to Norway for some outdoor adventures.


Begin your adventure in the small scenic village of Flåm. It’s surrounded by towering mountains, flowing waterfalls and snaking valleys. Once there, the possibilities are endless. One of the most popular activities is riding the Flåmsbana (Flåm Railway), which chugs along a 12-mile track from the fjord to the top of the mountains. The views are jaw-dropping, and include ravines, waterfalls, mountains and farms perched on the hillsides.

For a more active approach to taking in the scenery, hit the hiking trails. One particularly beautiful trail leads you to Brekkefossen Waterfall. Begin your journey in the Flåm town center and follow the valley along the river. Once you hit the mountains, the trail will open up for fantastic views of the town. This path is easy and takes a total of about two and a half hours round trip.  

To access the best possible view, check out the Stegastein Viewpoint. It gives you a spectacular observation on the Aurlandsfjord, which is a massive 18 miles long and was created in the Ice Age when the sea invaded the land. The length of Aurlandsfjord is the second-longest fjord in the world and has a viewing platform that protrudes 98 feet from the mountainside. The viewpoint from this picturesque inlet will be worth your while.

Another fantastic natural phenomenon in Norway is aurora borealis. Since the name Norway itself translates to “northern way,” it’s an appropriate place to observe the northern lights. Tromsø is the best place to see these lights and is the largest city in northern Norway. Surrounded by fjords, mountains and islands, there is no better place to stay when chasing the perfect view of the lights. For a truly special experience, consider going on an arctic fjord cruise to watch the sky dance above you while you glide through the water. With both indoor and outdoor seating, you couldn’t ask for a cozier way to enjoy the starry sky and its colorful lights.


After a long day or night of getting as close to nature as possible, it’s likely you’ll be hungry. In Flåm, head to Ægir BrewPub. This Norse Viking style craft brewery serves fantastic beer, both to drink and in the food. The menu is inspired by the Vikings and the sauces often include beer, in case drinking it isn’t enough! To really set the scene and transport you back in time, the restaurant decor was inspired by Norse mythology. Think driftwood walls with dragons and a massive fireplace. No corners were cut here for the ultimate experience in drinking and dining in Norway!

If the lights have lured you to Tromsø, head to Huken PUB. With a cozy atmosphere and killer burgers, you’re sure to leave here satisfied. The decor is made up of mismatched antiques, which somehow fit together perfectly to create a comfortable setting. With both beer and burgers, who could ask for more?

The dramatic sceneries and dreamy lights of Norway make it one of the greatest places to experience nature first hand. To classify Norway as visually impressive would be a gross understatement. Fuel your appetite and passion for exploring by heading to this Nordic paradise. Who knows, maybe you’ll come home sporting a Viking helmet and craving dried meats. Just try to keep your desire to raid the neighboring village under control!

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