My idea of the best Spring Break ever

Photo by: Sebastien Jermer
Photo by: Sebastien Jermer

My idea of the best Spring Break ever

by David Jones
Stripes Europe

Something that I really look forward to each year is Spring Break. Every year my parents usually decide where we go and so far their plans have been fun. However, this year I’m planning to propose my destination wish list to them. My plans consist of really epic ideas to spend our week. As long as we hit up a beach, visit an awesome European city or have a relaxing stay-cation, I’ll be one happy spring breaker.

Plan A would be to visit a beach, preferably one in Spain. I could swim in crystal clear waters and eat tasty Spanish foods, which is really awesome. If we can't make it to Spain then I say we go to the Amalfi Coast in Italy where I could do lots of cliff diving. Of course, I will eat pizza for every meal because eating pizza is a must when visiting Italy.

Plan B would be to visit a big European city. I really do appreciate living in Germany because it makes traveling to other fascinating countries easier than being in the States. Cities like Paris, Rome or London are just a quick plane ride away and would make for a sweet Spring Break destination. Europe is so much older than the United States, so there’s a lot more history to learn. How cool would it be to say I’ve been inside the Colosseum in Rome or have stood in front of the Parthenon in Athens?

If my parents nix the idea of the beach and a European city then so be it, I’ll refer to Plan C, a stay-cation. This is a pretty great option too because I can do things that I find important like watching Netflix, playing video games, biking and hanging out with my friends. I bet my parents will be working if we decide to not go anywhere, so I can eat more junk food than my mom would like.
My Spring Break will be a great one whether my family and I visit a beach, cool European city or I just end up at home relaxing. My only hope is that my parents are on board with at least one of my three plans. If they aren’t, then I hope this inspires some other teenager’s parents to plan an awesome week. Us teenagers have to stick together, so if you’re reading this, know that my wish list will most likely make your teenager happy too. Happy Spring Break planning!

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