Luxembourg: A little country, a lot to offer

Luxembourg: A little country, a lot to offer

by Allie Smeeth
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Sharing borders with Belgium, France and Germany, Luxembourg is a small country with numerous historical sites. If you are searching for a place to spend a day, Luxembourg City — the country’s capital — is the place for you.

Cemeteries and museums

American Cemetery and Memorial: Connect with our nation’s history at Luxembourg’s American Cemetery and Memorial, located just outside Luxembourg City. Since Dec. 29, 1944, this site has provided guests with an opportunity to honor some of America’s heroic individuals, come to terms with the victories and losses of World War II and realize how far we have come as a country. The complex is home to U.S. Army General George S. Patton’s memorial, the Tablets of the Missing and the graves of more than 5,000 military members.

Gëlle Fra: Pay your respects to fallen heroes at the Gëlle Fra or Memorial of Remembrance. Atop a 21-meter-tall column stands a golden statue of a woman watching over a soldier mourning the death of his comrade. The memorial was built in 1923 to honor those who died in World War I and was torn down during the Nazi occupation. After extensive restoration, the golden woman returned in 1985.

General Patton Memorial Museum: Learn about one of America’s most honored war veterans, General George S. Patton, his impact on the military and his aspirations for America at this museum in Luxembourg City. Before you head out, make sure to explore the museum's photo and document collection, which dates back to the May 10, 1940 German Invasion.

Luxembourg City History Museum: Located in the center of the old town, this beautiful complex offers visitors a chance to gain a deeper understanding of the county’s past, learn about the city’s transformation into an urban metropolis and discover the legend of the nymph Melusina.


Grand Ducal Palace: Since 1980, the city’s Grand Duke has resided in this breathtaking palace, which makes it the perfect stop for history buffs of all ages. From its etched stone exterior, to the beautiful stairway and exquisite ballroom, this majestic old town hall is a great place to learn about the city’s government. Prior to venturing on, explore the building’s garden to regroup and enjoy the town’s beauty.  

Neumünster Abbey: This breathtaking meeting place is the perfect spot to soak up Luxembourg City’s beauty. After the original complex was ruined in 1952, monks from across the village came together and constructed the Neumünster Abbey. Today the complex is a central hub for summer concerts.

Bock: Explore the city’s underworld with a trip to Luxembourg’s Bock, a 23-kilometer-long network of casemates. Known for turning the city into one of the best defended places in the world, these tunnels were once shelters to thousands of soldiers and their horses.

Dining out

Mosconi: If you are looking for a restaurant dedicated to providing guests with a delicious food and a spectacular view, Mosconi is the place for you. This charming establishment offers diners an array of Italian specialties including roasted scallops, green spaghetti with tomatoes and fresh mozzarella, fresh fish and tasty cakes.

La Lorraine: For all the fish lovers out there, there’s La Lorraine. Located in the center of the city, this unique restaurant provides guests with a chance to enjoy fish soup, seafood platters and antipasti platters. La Lorraine also offers freshly brewed coffee and great desserts.

Ambrosia: Treat yourself to a delicious helping of gyros, pita chips and feta cheese at the Ambosia Greek restaurant. Enjoy a tuna salad, the four-cheese plate with fresh tomatoes, or a plate of lamb skewers, herb butter, French fries and rice.

Spend an afternoon exploring museums, roaming quaint streets and soaking up European history in Luxembourg City. To plan your trip, visit

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