Meandering around Metz

Metz, France, is the perfect destination to relax and satisfy many of the things that are not on your “to do” list. Metz is situated in the northeastern part of France, along the Moselle and Seille rivers.

The European camping experience

Here are 10 differences you are likely to encounter while tooling around the continent with a tent or camper van.

Life lessons you learn from traveling

Reflecting on your time as a traveler can prove many things to you. The largest factor of all, traveling has made you a better person, situationally, personally and intellectually. The life lessons one gains from indulging in a lifestyle of exploration are impactful.

A day with the animals in Stuttgart

With summer here, it is a great time to take full advantage of all the activities that you can find, and Stuttgart is just the place to do that. One of those activities is spending a day learning about the animals, flora and fauna located in the Stuttgart area.

Grand libraries of Germany

Every bookworm needs a good library, just like every resident of a foreign country needs to discover her host nation’s culture. Check out these six German libraries for a little bit of both.

Seven must-visit sights in Nice, France

Nice is the town you should visit if you’ve done enough city breaks and you need someplace to lie low for a while; a place to blend in with the locals and relax.

Where to stay in Nice, France

Because Nice is small, it’s hard to say that one location in the city is better than another. However, I found that the closer you are to Cœur de Nice and Old Nice, the better.

Road tripping through the Odenwald

The Odenwald is a densely forested region found northeast of Heidelberg and southeast of Frankfurt. Its name, which translates to Odin’s Forest, recalls an Old Norse god associated with wisdom, healing and victory in battle.

A day at the Geierlay Suspension Bridge

Less than two hours from Kaiserslautern and just over an hour from the Wiesbaden area, you can make an afternoon, day trip or full weekend adventure to visit one of Germany’s more unique hiking experiences: the Geierlay Suspension Bridge.

A dazzling day in Dingle

Do you ever have one of those days on a trip, where everything aligns absolutely perfectly? You didn’t do anything to make it that way, it just all came together?

10 Essential shots for your German photo album

Which extra-special backdrops would you choose to encapsulate the essence of your time stationed in Germany?

Explore Welsh culture in Cardiff

Sitting along the tributary of the River Taff and Bristol Channel, just across the water from Weston-super-Mare in England, Cardiff dates back to the 1st century, with a small Roman fort established in the city center. Over time, Cardiff became a lively port municipality.

Biking your way through Versailles

The city of Versailles is known as the home of the imposing royal chateau of the same name, and seeing it on a bike tour was an enjoyable day out.

Dazzling Mykonos

Considered by many as the most popular Greek island in the Aegean Sea, this Cycladic gem attracts the glamorous who seek sun, surf and sand by day, and a stylishly booming party by night.

Go behind the scenes at the Bavaria Filmstadt museum

Delve into all things film at Munich’s museum and attraction-laden facility dedicated to the silver screen.

5 Family-friendly summer vacations in Europe

With your family now living in Europe, you can avoid station wagons, Wally World and cousin Eddie. Here are five family-friendly vacation spots in Europe.

The Invictus Games in Düsseldorf

The Invictus Games are coming to Germany! Over 500 athletes from 21 countries are represented, with Nigeria, Israel and Colombia joining for their first year.

10 Reasons to love Reims

Known as the unofficial capital of the champagne region, Reims is a striking city that provides French flair, delectable eats, history and of course, sparkling wine.

7 tiny European nations to visit

Hiding among the bigger nations are smaller, almost minute locales filled with spectacular scenery, glamour and fascinating stories just waiting to be discovered. Here are seven tiny countries worth putting on your bucket list.

Picturesque Positano

Multi-colored terracotta houses perched atop a cliff with the beautiful, cerulean Mediterranean hugging the edges and bougainvillea cascading down restaurants and shops — what sounds like a picture-perfect dream is actually reality when you travel to Positano, a dazzling, cliffside village along