A little taste of home at Edelweiss

by Jessica Zen
Stripes Europe

There are so many things that I regularly miss about the United States. The first that comes to mind is Chipotle and agreeing every single time to pay extra for guacamole. I also wouldn’t mind eating an entire Godfather’s taco pizza. Despite my desire to constantly eat like a starving college student, there are a lot of other things that I didn’t even realize was missing from my day to day life when I ventured off base. I recently had the pleasure of staying at Edelweiss in Garmisch for two nights. Having strictly stayed in European hotels since arriving this past September, I wasn’t initially paying attention to the fact that I would once again be in an American hotel. What a difference!

The main lobby was huge and reminded me of checking in to a Great Wolf Lodge in the states. Even better was the fact that the front desk was fully staffed! I cannot recall a single time I waited more than five minutes to check into a hotel in Europe. Regardless, I liked knowing that the large line in front of me was going to move swiftly since there were quite a few people waiting to check in. In addition to the large lobby was a souvenir shop, bathrooms with multiple stalls and not one, but two elevators! Did any of these things enhance my stay at the hotel? Not particularly, but I still really enjoyed knowing they were there.

Don’t get me wrong, I do indeed love living in Germany. There are so many festivals I can’t even keep track of them all, and the amount of beer consumed blows my mind. However, there are a few things from America that I sincerely miss. Thanks, Edelweiss for the unpleasant reminder of the following things:

  1. Parking lots - Any parking lot that can fit more than 10 cars in it without the ever present fear of coming back to massive door dings are alright in my book. I have yet to have this experience anywhere but at Edelweiss thus far.
  2. Garbage cans without lids - I know this sounds silly. All the European garbage cans in the bathrooms have lids. There is nothing more annoying than taking the time to open the top to throw away a tissue, the hair you pulled out of your brush or the chip bag that you just demolished.
  3. Elevators that hold more than two people - Claustrophobia is a real thing, and I develop it every time get in an elevator that is barely big enough for me, let alone my bags and any other people. You can’t know the real joys of entering a 10 plus person elevator until you’ve had to do without. Yes, I know the stairs are always available. No, I don’t want to lug all of my bags up them.
  4. Two beds in a hotel room - This is completely unnecessary, but I love having two queen beds in the room. One to sleep in and one to destroy with all of my belongings. I need all that extra space for the obnoxious amount of clothes I packed. European style hotel rooms with only one bed just don’t have enough room for all my luggage. Before you even ask, the answer is yes. I am aware of how extra I sound right now.
  5. Cake with all the sugar - One of the most disappointing things for me about living in Germany is the cake situation. I love cake and am most definitely addicted to sugar. The amount of sugar used in German cakes just doesn’t cut it. My mouth waters when I look in German bakery windows and my heart races faster at the excitement of getting to eat sweets. However, I’m disappointed these cakes aren’t as sweet as they look. Kudos to the folks who bake for Market Station at Edelweiss. They use all the sugar, and I don’t regret a single pound I may or may not have gained when I sampled every flavor dessert.
  6. Refillable beverages - Paying for water and every additional soda isn’t exactly ideal. There is nothing more satisfying than finishing your Coke midway through a meal and refilling it without a single trace of guilt. I hate limiting my liquid intake because I’m being charged by the glass. 

By now you are probably wondering how incredibly overweight I am due to my clear obsession with food. Lucky for me, my obsession with food is balanced by my love of hiking. Being in Garmisch, I was among some of the most beautiful scenery and stellar hiking trails, so having that extra coke and piece of cake wasn’t the end of the world.

The moral of the story is this: you can still love living in Germany while you embrace your inner American at Edelweiss every once in a while. A fantastic fusion of both, I would highly recommend you high-tail it to Garmisch sooner rather than later and book a room at Edelweiss. It’ll be a decision you won’t regret! 

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