Keukenhof: A place you need to see

Keukenhof: A place you need to see

by Carrie Farrell
Stripes Europe

It’s as if someone took a box of crayons and let loose on the landscape during Holland's tulip season. Vivid strokes paint the countryside with purple, yellow, orange and red. A multicolor patchwork covers the fields, carving a path around windmills and streams all the way to the country's expansive shoreline. But perhaps the best place to see tulips in bloom is Keukenhof. 

The most famous Dutch tulip farm is Keukenhof, located in the town of Lisse. The land where this botanical nursery is now situated served as a hunting area and herb garden during the 15th century.

Today, Keukenhof is dedicated to the preservation and evolution of a great number of earth’s botanical creations. Beneath arching trees, wrapped around ponds, statues and walkways, and within flower houses, Keukenhof supports fields and garden patches of everything from red roses to purple lilacs. Of course, the tulips are the highlight as they dominate the park in these spring months. 

Getting there
Keukenhof is located 35 kilometers southwest of Amsterdam. If traveling by car, note that onsite parking is 6 euros. You can purchase entry tickets and your parking pass in advance

From Amsterdam, Keukenhof is easily accessible by bus or train, and combination tickets that include public transportation and entrance fees are available for purchase online.  

Tulip time
As quickly as the tulips emerge through soil, they are just as quickly gone. The best advice to any Holland sojourner wishing to catch the tulips in action is not to hesitate since they begin to lose their luster toward the end of May. 


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