Incredible fall hikes in Europe

Incredible fall hikes in Europe

by Jessica Zen
Stripes Europe

Imagine yourself high up the side of a mountain overlooking a foggy valley while the sun tries to break through and light up the day. Or perhaps you’ve reached an alpine lake and are stopping for a picnic after an intense climb. Now add in the delightful changing of the leaves and you’re in for one fantastic hike!

There are so many amazing opportunities for hiking, and if the aforementioned scenarios sound like the great way to spend the day, you’re in luck! Read on for some inspiration when planning where to hike this fall. Whether it’s sunny or there’s a bit of drizzle hanging in the air, hiking is always a great idea. 

Happurger Stausee Hike
Happurg, Germany

This beautiful hike takes just over four hours and is 8.4 miles long. It is labeled as intermediate and features the perfect place to rest at Café Seeterrassen am Happurger Stausee. Enjoy views of the lake while taking in the sights of the rolling hills. 

Dneboh Loop Hike
Bohemian Paradise, Czech Republic

Though the Czech Republic is probably not at the top of your list of places to hike, you should definitely check out the Bohemian Paradise park. There are lots of trails here. This particular trail is easy to begin in Dneboh and is a little over eight miles long. Discover castles, forests, fields, clifftop views and caves on this beautiful, intermediate hike. 

Novalesa Hike
Torino, Italy

The Dolomites are beautiful any time of the year, but of course fall brings the temperature down just enough to make hiking more tolerable. This moderate hike takes you around the Novalesa Valley for five miles and lasts just over four hours. You’ll see the village of Venaus, open fields, snow-capped mountains and some incredible old avalanche pathways. 

Aljaževa Ferrata Hike 
Mojstrana, Slovenia

If you’re looking for more of a challenge, head to Triglav National Park to try your hand at via ferrata. This term refers to a protected climbing route that uses steel cable rail fixed to the rock, metal steps, ladders, suspension bridges and zip wires to get you from point A to B. You are clipped in using a harness and doing a bit more climbing than on a normal hike. This particular route is perfect for beginners and offers views of the Julian Alps and Karavanks chain. 

Way of St. James Long-Distance Hike
Tirol, Austria

If a few hour hike just doesn’t cut it for you, consider doing a multiple day excursion. This 12-day hike will take you on an incredible journey. Start at Lofer im Pinzgau in the province of Salzburg and hike to St. Ulrich am Pillersee, St. Johann, Ellmau, Wörgl, Strass im Zillertal, Terfens, Innsbruck, Pfaffenhofen, Arzl im Pitztal, Zams and Flirsch. Finish your adventure at St. Christoph am Arlberg, Tirol. You’ll hike a total of 169 miles and either be one with nature or ready for a good shower by the time you’re done! 

 Whether you want to do a few hours or a few days, with or without a harness, there are plenty of opportunities to get out and get hiking this fall! Take your family, your friends or your pets and enjoy a little fresh air. Europe is bursting with the perfect fall hiking opportunities!



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