How to spend 48 hours in London

How to spend 48 hours in London

by Jessica Zen
Stripes Europe

There’s nothing quite like a trip to the city. The lights, the shops, the food and the people all come together to create the perfect bustling atmosphere. The energy coming from the city itself can be magnetic. Get drawn into London’s charm by spending just two days in this buzzing metropolis. Learn about the local history and government, indulge in some delicious cuisine and shop like never before in London.  

A look back in time

London has the perfect blend of modern buildings and ancient architecture. No trip here is complete without visiting some of the most iconic sights. The Tower of London and neighboring Tower Bridge over the River Thames are not to be missed. Be sure to stop here for some essential London pictures. Next up is Westminster Abbey, a Gothic abbey that has been used for coronations since 1066. Be sure to mosey by Buckingham Palace, where The Queen hosts events and receptions. These places alone have so much history and character you’ll be hard-pressed to leave. 

Cuisine to tickle your fancy

Nothing is as British as fish and chips, so you absolutely must try them while here. Head to Soho's Golden Union Fish Bar. Here you’ll find fresh fish from British waters that is cooked to order and fried in homemade batter. To take part in a longstanding tradition, go for a spot of afternoon tea. For over 300 years, The Tea Salon at Fortnum & Mason in Piccadilly has been the epitome of sophistication. From cakes to scrumptious scones to tiny finger sandwiches with the crust cut off, this salon has everything your heart desires. 

Shop ‘til you drop

Chic clothes, fine bags and high-end jewelry are just some of the amazing finds you will come across when shopping in this iconic city. The perfect places to window shop or even make some purchases are on Oxford Street or Bond Street. For a one-stop shop that is sure to stun, visit Harrods. This department store brings together the best brands luxury has to offer. Think doormen, diamonds and high-class finds. 

There’s so much more to London than this simple list of things to see and do. Get your feet wet and see some highlights by initially spending just 48 hours here. It’ll give you plenty of time to figure out the tube, find some incredible food and start planning your next trip to this lovely city. 



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