Hiking the “Swiss Grand Canyon”

Hiking the “Swiss Grand Canyon”

by Jessica Zen
Stripes Europe

The opportunities for stunning hikes with views to die for are abundant and vast in Europe. For your next epic hike, consider heading to Ruinaulta, also known as the “Swiss Grand Canyon.” This “Grand Canyon” is made up of the Rhine Gorge located between Reichenau and Ilanz in the Swiss canton of Graubünden. Use the town of Laax as your starting point and get ready for amazing views and a great hike! 

From Laax, take the trail that starts at Prau la Selva. Walk past Lag Tuleritg, a beautiful alpine lake and head to the observation platform II Spir, which provides a breathtaking view of the gorge below. You can also visit the Crap Signina viewing platform (30 minutes from Laax) or the Valendas station. Both are excellent starting points for venturing into the Rhine Gorge.  

The hike from Valendas to Versam is approximately one and a half hours and takes you into the heart of the gorge. Follow the Rhine and wander through both forests and meadows. If you don’t want to walk back to your original location, consider getting a Ruinaulta ticket, which allows the use of public transportation for an entire day. You can purchase a ticket at any Laax guest information center. 

Laax is famous for having incredible skiing and snowboarding, but in the summer the town transforms into the perfect hiking location, with over 155 miles of trails to explore and various panoramic lookouts. So, pack your boots and head to Switzerland ASAP for yet another astounding hike in Europe!



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